Mike Chubb, Franklin Park Resident and member of SPLC Designated Hate Group Proud Boys

As we’ve covered in previous articles, the Proud Boys are a violent far-right group that has had many arrests among its members for violence. Don’t believe us? Read what the Southern Poverty Law Center has to say about this violent far-right group. In fact, “Trigger” Tom Christensen, the President of the Chicago Chapter of the Proud Boys, was just found guilty of 2 felonies for stabbing two people outside of a Dropkick Murphy’s concert in 2017. Tom, with a long and storied history of white supremacy and attacking anti-fascists, will be sentenced September 30th, 2019. Read our full dossier on Christensen here.

Shortly after Trigger Tom was found guilty, a new Twitter account popped into the scene claiming to represent the Chicago Proud Boys. He revealed his own identity rather quickly after he posted his own Cash App handle on Twitter.

Easy for us, we were able to get his real name by searching Cash App for the username he posted on twitter which leads us to:

We’ve seen that avatar and name before. Michael Chubb’s previous account, @MCHUBBsayz, was suspended after harassing multiple accounts. So, it looks like he created his new account, @chicago_pbs (Chicago Proud Boys) to evade a Twitter ban:

notice his word choice of “vapid,” this will come into play later

You can see everything that was archived from his previous Twitter here. Highlights include him openly calling for war against “ANTIFA” (I wonder who wants to war with antifascists…sounds pretty fascist to me). Some choice highlights include:

Him giving us his general location.

And him openly discussing his plans to commit acts of violence at a refuse fascism meeting.

Along with tons of misogynistic, thinly veiled fascistic, and racist commentary. Here is one about him discussing that woman shouldn’t have control over their own bodily autonomy:

Him defending South African racists and perpetuating dogwhistle racist South African “white genocide” conspiracy theories:

What’s interesting here, aside from the vile misogynistic imagery, is the tag of the @BoysOfLiberty, which is the Twitter handle for the now-defunct Facebook group Boys of Liberty 312 page, a recruiting mechanism combining MAGA fans with Proud Boys. We outlined the whole operation in Proud Boys VP Jeff Schwier’s dossier. Why is the group defunct now? Because we infiltrated it and posted about it 🙂

In case there’s any doubt that @MCHUBBSsayz of Franklin Park/River Grove IL (by his own admission) is the same Michael Chubb who’s Cash App is linked to the Chicago Proud Boys account, remember that time a few days ago when Chicago Proud Boys used the adjective “vapid” which is odd, because that’s not a very common insult. But here it is again, on @MCHUBBSsayz account, where he’s railing against Captain Marvel and tagging the actress in his harangue:

And he has bad ideas on immigrants and immigration because of course he does:

Yet alas, all of his cries for attention go unnoticed, with minimal followers, retweets and interactions.

Thus, without further ado, we’d like to officially introduce you to Chicago Proud Boys wannabe, sad Mike Chubb of Franklin Park, Illinois.

He would use the username “mdeadz1980” in so many things! You can find his Reddit account where he posted on the infamous hate subreddit /r/The_Donald, which has been quarantined by Reddit for its hateful content. Here you can see him rail about “SJWs”

From his pinterest, unsurprisingly with the handle pinterest.com/mdeadz1980/

Which leads us officially to his awkward high school photo, with a graduation year of 1998, making mdeadz1980 Mike’s real birth year.


Sadly for Mike, no one on the Proud Boys side was interested enough in his shit-posting or provocative chatter to even email back. We wonder if they permitted him to use the Proud Boy name?

By searching his now-familiar handle mdeadz1980, we found his LinkedIn, which lines up at that Franklin park address he’s always mentioning. Due to the publishing requirements of this platform, we are not allowed to post. However, we do encourage people to check out this link for redacted information.

Looks like Mike Chubb works/worked as a DirecTV satellite installer at Direct Sat USA, in nearby Algonquin:

From the reviews, it looks like a crappy company. So you can let their client DirecTV know about how Mike Chubb, their installer who enters people’s home and is alone with them, has shown serious interest in:

  • threatening to hack into people’s twitter accounts
  • declaring war on anti-fascists
  • men making decisions about women’s bodies
  • anti-immigration sentiments
  • the white supremacist “white genocide” myth
  • membership in the far-right anti-Muslim, anti-women, and anti-gay group Proud Boys (as aforementioned designated by the SPLC and the ADL).

The account to reach out to is @ATTHelp on the twitters and submit a complaint to DirectTv at 1-800-531-5000.

As always, if you have any tips about Mike Chubb, or any other fascists, locally or not, reach out to us at antifascistchicago@riseup.net 
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