#EpikFail: Christopher Lee Anseeuw aka fashwave music producer Teknein & 86Dresden of East Moline, IL

A big thank-you to the comrades near and far, throughout the years, tracking these white nationalists wherever they hide. You’re seen and appreciated! 

Teknein (pronounced “teak-nine”) first came on to our radar ahead of the national White Lives Matter march in April of this year. White Lives Matter was the failed event that was first exposed by comrades at Corvallis Against Fascism. The full planning and admin chat logs of the WLM march are available to interested parties through the above link. In case anyone is unclear about what the White Lives Matter march was all about…

In Chicago, nearly a dozen members of various white nationalist groups joined the official WLM telegram group, and so did the antifascists. Do explore our reportback “LEAKED: Inside the Chicago ‘White Lives Matter’ rally planning Telegram channels” and the liberated chat logs, focused on the dismal failure of suburb chuds attempting to rally in front of Trump Tower.
Teknein makes his brief appearance in the early interactions of the WLMChicago Chat, around March 27, 2021:
Although he only messaged the telegram chat a few times, his messages establish several important things: First, that he lives out by the Illinois/Iowa border, about 3 hours west of Chicago; Second, that he’s definitely a white power chud interested in showing up to any White Lives Matter march; Third, his information is squarely in our sites.

Author’s note: as we explore the repulsive world that Teknein has created and profited off of, we strongly caution readers to take breaks from engaging with his hateful content, as well as to click on links we have indicated as “archives” instead of the direct links to his websites and accounts on other platforms. Why? First, if you’re not using a VPN (which you should be!), who knows how your cookies will be affected and or if there are any unsavory scripts or malware present. Second, there’s protection in looking at violent rhetoric and racism within a container, instead of in the wild. For example, when we archive pages through one of our favorite sites, archive.is/archive.today, readers are only engaging with the captured content (still with live links!) Learn more about how the archive site works. Plus when Christopher invariably deletes his sites to cover his tracks, the archives will remain. Everything is forever on the internet if you know how to look.
[Content warning for racist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, Holocaust imagery, and Nazi worship)
As we began to follow the daisy-chain from Teknein’s telegram account, we had a lot of information to begin with: he goes by Otto Von-Lebensraum [Lebensraum has been pinpointed as the concept that powerfully connected a variety of imperialist, nationalist, and racist currents that would contribute to the murder of the Jews of Europe starting post World War I, h/t to We Will Be Ruthless for pointing out the connection. The concept is similar to Manifest Destiny], his website is teknein.com and also 86dresden.com, both with PO Box 721, East Moline, IL 61244. We found his numerous social media sites hosted on websites that circle the toilet of the internet including his GoyimTV account, and archived his videos here, his ‘about me’ here and his interactions here. His account at WorldTruthVideos has been archived here. For the blessedly unknowing, WorldTruthVideos is a video content platform similar to bitchute and a willing home for white nationalists and hate propagandists who have been deplatformed from major outlets like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, which limits their ability to reach a mass audience. Teknein has an account on Bitwave, a streaming site used by white nationalists. His account is archived here. The playlist for his recent neo-nazi album is hosted on his soundcloud, which we have archived, as well as his followers who liked the album. As a gimmick with his latest fashwave album, Die Massen, he shipped 1,488 (yep, that’s the dog whistle for the white nationalist “14 words” combined with “Heil Hitler”) copies on Hitler’s birthday and inside every 100th album, he tucked 1.488 etherum, a cryptocurrency. He promoted the album on his DLive account, with his highlights archived here and his main video here. He has not been active since October 2020. The highlights reel includes him in his Teknein costume in his home. The Die Massen discography is available here as well as archived here.
Teknein’s main social media account is on bitchute, which is another anti-Semitic video hosting armpit favored by white nationalist hate groups Patriot Front, Rise Above Movement, David Icke, and Revolt Through Tradition, as reported by The Independent in April 2020:


All of the previously-mentioned accounts aren’t as well-nurtured as Teknein’s Bitchute channel, from which we have archived his latest album playlist, particularly fascistic videos here and here, his ‘about’ section from June 2021 and again from recently. Do note the more recent capture has references to “RaHoWa” an acronym for “Racial Holy War,” first popularized by Ben Klassen of the white nationalist Church of the Creator. It is immediately clear that Teknein creates and sells music marketed for a white nationalist and Nazi-worshipping audience. His music, which has been deplatformed and banned from several websites, has explicit overtones of Nazi and pro-Holocaust imagery, as well as racist, anti-Muslim, and anti-Semitic imagery and messaging:


The Nazi imagery Teknein uses in his videos includes a Sonnenrad (black sun), German panzer tanks, Nazi soldiers, Adolf Hitler, Nazi salutes or “Seig Heil,” hyperborea, fashwave colors and style, and of course RaHoWa. There may be more fascist symbolism that we missed, simply because reviewing the content is an incredibly difficult and depressing task. If unfamiliar with the Hyperborea, it is a branch of (believe it or not…) Esoteric Nazism, also known as Esoteric Fascism or Esoteric Hitlerism. This religious interpretation of  a range of mystical adaptations of Nazism and began after the Second World War, wherein esoteric interpretations of the Third Reich were adapted into new religious movements of white nationalism and neo-Nazism. They included beliefs in finding a mythical Hyperborea. We’re sure the SPLC has more info, probably ADL too but we loathe to promote them. Nazi black sun is the image embedded in Teknein’s custom-molded mask; the backdrop to his music; and the background of one his covers. For more information, see this deep dive in The Guardian. The sonnenrad looks like this:
In his videos and with his music, it’s clear that Teknein is looking to brainwash his listeners into committing acts of terror and harm against the masses whom he believes are not white including people of color, Jews, and Muslims as well as force women to be subservient to men. Make no mistake, that the man behind Teknein is dangerous; he wants to cause pain and genocide against vulnerable populations, and is looking to inspire others to commit acts of hate, like violent attacks at synagogues, mosques or Hispanic or African-American churches.
From his bitchute, we downloaded a video of a frustrated Teknein, who after filming the video for the third time due to his own ineptitude, is too candid and honest about himself, his frustrations, and adds to our understanding of the resentful little man living in a small town, a part of the Quad Cities, Illinois.
[CW: racist slurs, anti-Semitic language, Nazi imagery]
Some highlights from his video include:
  • He has a deep knowledge of etherum and cryptocurrency
  • At 3:18, he shouts out Bison Disc for his purchase of 1500 discs, of which he used 1,488
  • He has deplatformed previously from soundcloud, youtube, and facebook so now he uses his wife’s paypal after his deplatforming and he has a stripe but says doesn’t use it for fear of losing access
  • Ironically, wears his Teknein mask and quotes Batman about the importance of protecting his identity for his five sons, two of whom help with this white nationalist work. His wife is supportive but not as much as he’d like. Further, he claims to be active in local neighborhood watch, city council, a PTA member and a coach
  • View of his messy room with one of his own posters with the sonnenrad, a German Waffen SS Officer Crusher Hat, his album, three keyboards, an amp and some general clutter:
Teknein mentions the integral support of GyspyCrusader, who has previously been identified as Paul Miller, a 32-year-old who went by “GypsyCrusader.” A deep dive into Paul Miller is available at this archived WaPo link


Do note the Teknein video is not available any more, presumably because Teknein realized how much of a liability it was was for him to have said those things as well as posted it. Interestingly, we also found the ripped video on a bitchute of its own on DianaHippolyteAFA’s bitchute channel.
Teknein’s own website, which was archived in 12/2020 and again in 4/2021, was chockfull of white power and Nazi images, previously held licensing information and his contact info. His website currently redirects to 86Dresden.com. At one point, his website hosted his shop, which has been archived, but he moved Teknein to his other website, 86Dresden then deleted his Teknein website but we have all the screenshots and the archives:
86dresden.com is the website to where Teknein relocated his art, music and other merchandise, ostensibly to make it seem like Teknein was a part of something larger like a record label or platform in an attempt to entice other white power musicians as well as grow his sphere of influence. Make no mistake, 86Dresden is a part of Teknein, they share the same PO Box in East Moline, with the same launch date. And of course, Teknein is Dresden’s only performer.
From the 86Dresden site, he has a music page, shop and a bio page, which we have archived here, music page, bio, and shop there. His email address is info@86dresden.com

As previously mentioned, we were on the trail of Teknein since he made his appearance in the White Lives Matter chats in April but we were unable to concretely verify his identity. And wouldn’t you know it, right as we were looking for the missing dot to connect, the #EpikFail data hit the internet and fortunately, Teknein used Epik to host his websites 86Dresden and Teknein:

As reported by comrades at DDOSsecrets, an Anonymous crew released 180 gigabytes of user, registration, forwarding and other information behind the privacy web hosting and registrar service Epik, known for hosting fascist, white supremacist and other right-wing content as well as harassment and doxing websites. For others eager to jump and connect dots of fash websites to their registrar (and much, much more!), per DDOS, “the original torrent is presented here as-is and was created and released by the source independent of Distributed Denial of Secrets. Due to its size, it’s incompatible with most torrent clients and many users will have difficulty downloading the data.” The operation is known as #Epikfail and then the second release #EpikFail, the b sides, recently released by the Hackers on Estradiol team.

We encourage readers to learn more about the hack and its implications for the white nationalist movement in “Huge hack reveals embarrassing details of who’s behind Proud Boys and other far-right websites,” published a few days ago in this archived WaPo piece. For background on Epik, its CEO Rob Monster and his thoughts on Jews, as well as his interest in hosting white power, neo-nazi, and white supremacist websites, see this 2018 article “The Bible-Thumping Tech CEO Who’s Proud Of Keeping Neo-Nazis Online,” published in the Huffington Post.

Important to note that Teknein.com and 86Dresden.com websites are hosted by Epik. Yep, the Epik that was recently hacked and the contents given to antifascist researchers across the world. As reported by the Washington Post, fallout is starting to happen and we are doing our part to hold Christopher Lee Anseeuw of Moline, IL aka Teknein aka Mol3ch accountable for his vile Naziism and virulent racism.

How did we figure it all out? Well, aside from Christopher Anseeuw using his real name and home address to register his white nationalist websites, he left a trail of electronic breadcrumbs we were able to use to concretely confirm that Christopher Lee Anseeuw is a rabid, vicious wannabe Nazi who targets people of color and Jews with his music and art.
Christopher Anseeuw, the father of four boys, and his partner Cherree Long nee Blair, with her two children, run QCA Resale, out of their home in East Moline, IL, as well as 86Dresden and Teknein. Cherree Blair was previously married to Anthony Long, also of East Moline.
QCA Resale, with pages on Facebook and Ebay, is an online and in-person resale shop which, according to DnB filings, that name Christopher Lee Anseeuw as its owner, earns about $75,000 annually. Christopher Anseeuw and Cherree Long run the business out of the home in East Moline that they share with their respective children. The couple previously lived together at a residence on 20th Street in East Moline, IL 61244.


We don’t know how much of QCA’s sales are due to Teknein’s neo-nazi propaganda but we assume they account for a portion. From Christopher’s video, we know he’s using Cherree’s paypal because his own was deplatformed. We can only assume he’s using her paypal to process orders for Teknein’s white nationalist music and merchandise. In the past, PayPal has suspended the accounts of white nationalists and other hate propagandists. Here’s hoping they’ll do the same to these Nazi-worshippers. Info on how to report is at the bottom of the article, under Action Items.
Most notably, as Christopher Anseeuw deals in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency (which will we explore!), it’s likely that he is not paying taxes on his sales. Even in his Teknein introduction, he encourages his audience to “send crypto shekels” through his account on coin payments  which is archived here:

Teknein isn’t Christopher Anseeuw’s first foray into an internet personality with an alter ego. As we’re sure his family members can attest: Don and Judi Anseeuw, Dan Anseeuw of Surprise, AZ; Debbie Bohannon of Fenton, Ill.; Dawn Mueller of Northville, Mich.; Kathy Chinlund of Coal Valley; Kristi Loy, of Port Byron; Linda Hanlin, of Hampton; and Patti McCormick, of Port Byron.

Christopher’s parents are Dan and Teresa Anseeuw, his two sisters are Heather Ridenour and Sierra. Interestingly, Tena Anseeuw holds elected office in a nearby village. We hope her nephew hasn’t impressed any fascistic influence.

Maybe his family remembers his previous online persona, which was even more sloppy. Christopher as Mol3ch Killgore, who was unsuccessful in getting kickstarter funding for his “Custom HEAVY METAL, GAMER, and DJ headphones by MOL3CH You pick the color, graphics, and accessories to customize your very own set of unique, quality cans! Epic!” We were able to track him across the internet, through his Pinterest, his crowdfunder and his Medium account, which we’ve archived here as well as his followers.

The Kickstarter link can be found here and we have archived it, plus we present much of his long-winded and sprawling attempt at a project creating custom headphones:

One of the most important takeaways confirming Molech Killgore to Christopher Anseeuw is the unique names of his four sons: Zed, Syrus, Sevrin, and Kael.

On the kickstarter video, he goes a little further in the credits, revealing their last name:


and in case Christopher Anseeuw decides to remove the kickstarter, here’s the mp4 we ripped.

Ashley Riley is the mother of Christopher’s children, Zed, Syrus, Sevrin, and Kael, per his Kickstarter and confirmed by her facebook. Gleaned from public Facebooks, we won’t be posting the unredacted faces of Christopher Anseeuw and Ashley Riley’s children nor the faces of Cherree Long’s children, presumably the fifth son whom Christopher refers to as his helper. However our collective has the unedited versions of the pictures and will share them with journalists and community members for confirmation, if needed.


Remember how Teknein shouted out Bison Disc in his rambling unhinged video? Mol3ch left a glowing review with Trust Pilot, and dropped the 86Dresden name, the archive of which we saved.
As Mol3ch and Teknein, Christopher explores his interest in cryptocurrency. In 2016, Mol3ch was ranting about credit exchanges and other half-baked ideas in the comments, which we’ve archived.
Most of his posts on Beta Cent Co the so-called “network for creative income,” a cryptocurrency forum, powered by Etherum, are simpy and boring but we’ve archived them here all the same:
One of his posts (and archive) was interesting enough for us to share. Christopher, as Mol3ch, yet again dog whistling to different crowds about his white nationalist practices. This time, he announces he’s selling a “kekl,” a play on words based on combining the words “shekel” and kekistan, the alt-right white nationalist meme, recently fading from popularity. The SPLC explains it here.
As Mol3ch, Christopher explains his “kekl” cryptocurrency is available for purchase at https://www.kekls.com/shop and you guessed it, Christopher registered that website with Epik as well.

In this post, Mol3ch continues that “My business: My LLC (partnership, resale) funds my home/family, my day job (electrician) funds my crypto ventures, and my websites (of which there are many) fund a crypto-based java game I am working on.”

In the Epik data, within Teknein’s account, the identification is clear. Tek, 86k, Kekls are all Christopher Anseeuw.
Finally, do enjoy this piece of schadenfraude from when Mol3ch’s plan to leave etherum in 100 out of 1488 albums was in peril or its archive. We aren’t entirely sure which of Christopher’s five sons are assisting him with his white nationalist Nazi propaganda and fascist music label but just idea they share a home with that hatred should inspire a visit from the grandparents.
Again, with his videos and with his music, it’s clear that Christopher Anseeuw, as Teknein, 86Dresden and Mol3ch is looking to influence his listeners into committing acts of terror and harm against the masses whom he believes are ‘impure’ including people of color, Jews, and Muslims as well as force women to be subservient. Make no mistake, the man behind Teknein is dangerous; he wants to cause pain and genocide against vulnerable populations, and is looking to inspire others to commit acts of hate, like violent attacks at synagogues, mosques or Hispanic or African-American churches. We cannot overstate the threat Christopher Lee Anseeuw and his partner Cherree Long pose to the Quad Cities community, vulnerable populations, or their own children.
Here’s what you can do to help us shrink his sphere of influence to render him and his beliefs irrelevant:
Action items
  • Let Christopher Anseeuw and Cherree Long’s landlord, First Financial Group L.C., know they’re renting to Teknein/86Dresden, a white power fascist music label. Christopher is a Nazi propagandist and his partner Cherree is either complicit or supportive. The white power couple runs QCA Resale and are living at 1524 9th Ave. East Moline, IL 61244. Their property is owned by First Financial Group L.C., located at 1987 Spruce Hills Dr, Bettendorf, IA 52722 at (563) 359-4999. The company can be contacted directly and on their facebook. Since Cherree and Christopher are running QCA Resale and 86Dresden public entities, as well as living there, we can post the address without a separate site and still be in compliance.
  • Send emails to the Quad Cities chamber of commerce and the local town council know about the Hitler-worshipping shop owners on 9th Street in East Moline, IL:
    • prumler@quadcitieschamber.com; jforsythe@quadcitieschamber.com; tpetsche@quadcitieschamber.com; ccaves@quadcitieschamber.com; rcoughlin@quadcitieschamber.com; bratzburg@quadcitieschamber.com; jwolber@quadcitieschamber.com; dmueller@quadcitieschamber.com; ssagers@quadcitieschamber.com; rfreeman@eastmoline.com; ltoppert@eastmoline.com; galmblade@eastmoline.com; nmulcahey@eastmoline.com; jobrien@eastmoline.com; roakes@eastmoline.com; jrrico@eastmoline.com
  • Report QCA’s paypal, as well as Cherree Long’s PayPal
    • “Violations of the Acceptable Use Policy: We encourage you to report violations of this Acceptable Use Policy to PayPal immediately. Email PayPal’s AUP Compliance Department at: aupviolations@paypal.com or follow this link: https://www.paypal.com/ewf/f=pps_prohib
  • Report QCA’s Stripe account by tweeting to @patrickc, @edwinwee & @stripe and politely explaining the situation
  • Report QCA’s Ebay shop, by making a sock and reporting them following the process outlined here as well as tagging Ebay on Twitter with an explanation
  • Boot up the socks and leave reviews on their Ebay store and Facebook, saying something like QCA is the front group for 86Dresden, a white power fascist music label and is a Nazi propagandist living at 1524 9th Ave. East Moline, IL
  • Report Edward Colland’s Soundcloud for promoting Nazi music here
  • Report QCA Resale’s Facebook page to Facebook but we aren’t too optimistic that FB will be able to capture the nuance of Christopher using QCA as a front to cover his Nazi music label sales
  • Share this dossier far and wide!
Thanks to Christopher’s sloppiness, we’ll be outing other Mr Bond (that jailed Austrian neo-nazi rapper Christopher is fundraising for) supporters from his Argent Beacon page!
Antifascism is community defense! If you have any additional tips about Christopher Lee Anseeuw, Cherree Long, Teknein, 86Dresden, or other fascists in the Quad Cities, Chicago, or elsewhere, please send them to antifascistchicago@riseup.net
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