Playing both sides: ‘Heathen Jon’ Alexander Argumendo, antifa snitch collaborating with Revolt Thru Tradition, Chicagoland #StoptheSteal Back the Blue events, & Shield Wall Exposed operator

Buckle up your seatbelts, grab your vape, get something to hydrate yourself because this article is as complex as some WWE plotlines, although sadly without the costumes. We recognize that our audience has varying levels of knowledge about Heathen Jon Alexander Argumedo of Kilbourn Park, in Chicago IL, so we’ve broken up this mega article into sections. For clarity, Jon spells his name di lui both ways, without an H in his emails and with an H in his Facebook di lui but we’ll be using Jon throughout this piece. We drop this article as a PSA about the dangerous unrepentant white nationalist targeting Black Lives Matter protesters, counter-protesters at Blue Lives Matter, #StopTheSteal and Gun Rights events, as well as anyone he believes is a social justice warrior or ANTIFA.

Because of the complex nature of this article, please review the table of contents:

  1. Who is Jon Argumedo, a local white power skinhead since the tender age of 13?
  2. Hello yellow laces! Jon exits neo-Nazi life and leaks sensitive information about local white nationalists to us, the Chicago Anti-Fascist Action collective.
  3. White nationalism is one heckuva drug: Jon flips back and goes deeper into the Chicagoland militia groups, MAGA ralliers and national white power movements. Jon threatens people he believes are members of this and other collectives (spoiler: he has bad info)
  4. We keep us safe. This collective decides it’s in the best interests of the Chicago community to release some of Jon’s emails to us where he identifies
    • Chicago Proud Boys operating structure and membership
    • Chicago Police Officer who’s a homophobic Proud Boys (shocker, we know)
    • Jon’s former best friend and fellow white power skinhead, Sean Dolan and Sean’s involvement with federal law enforcement. Editor’s note: In November 2022, Sean Dolan shared with us that he had left white nationalism and was eager to embark on a path out of hatred. Read about Sean’s experiences of him, journey out of white nationalism, and path forward in the essay Sean Dolan on leaving white nationalism and finding community
  5. Next steps. A message to Jon from us, plus what we know about Jon and what info we’re seeking.

Section 1: Who is Jon Argumedo?

Heathen Jon Alexander Argumedo has been kicking around the Midwest white power scene for over a decade, which is impressive considering he’s not yet 30 years old. In March 2010, the now-defunct Southside ARA crew first identified Jon at a downtown Chicago “White Pride World Wide” (incidentally those words are the same slogan of the oldest US white power internet chatroom, which we will not be linking to here) march that the nazis clearly lost, ending up arrested and injured. You can read Southside ARA’s reportback, [CW: hate speech for the comments section] which is archived here


In 2012, the Southside ARA crew released a more full dossier on Heathen Jon Alexander Argumedo, which we’ve archived here. The photos below are from Southside ARA’s research:

In Southside ARA’s 2012 post, we learn about Jon’s involvement with Blood and Honour as well as Combat 18, both white nationalist groups from the UK. Blood & Honour was founded by white power Oi! band Skrewdriver singer Ian Stuart Donaldson whose greatest hit was in 1993, when his car careened out of control and into a roadside ditch, then he later died from his injuries.


In the third photo in the gallery of Jon above, his mask carries the icon from Aryan Terror Brigade, an inactive neo-nazi group that used symbols connected to Combat 18, and abbreviations like C-18, 318, 8318. Combat 18 (a.k.a. C18, 318, nicknamed “Terror Machine,” as pictured on Jon’s shirt in the above middle picture) is a neo-Nazi terrorist organization that was founded in 1992 with ties to white power movements in Canada and the United States. Since its founding, the C18 movement has spread to other countries. Combat 18 members have been suspected of being involved in the deaths of numerous immigrants, people of color, a politician and other C18 members.

C18 members use the totenkopf, a WWII deathshead symbol that would be further popularized by neo-nazi accelerationist organization Atomwaffen Division, which formed out of the internet fascist forum Iron March.

Comrades established IronMarch.Exposed and to share white nationalist identities uncovered from the forums. So if you see the totenkopf stickers up or around, do scrape them off or cover them with better stickers.

From the Southside ARA article, published in 2012, Jon was an acquaintance or possible friend of white power singer and member of the skinhead gang Hammerskins Wade Michael Page, spending time with him in Chicago, and at the Vinlanders show in Pickerington, Ohio in the early summer of 2012. In a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 5, 2012, Wade Michael Page murdered six Sikh temple-goers and injured four others with extreme racial prejudice before committing suicide. For more information on the Oak Creek Sikh Gurdwara, please see local news coverage and don’t hesitate to reach out to us at to be connected further. In this article, the SPLC explores Wade Michael Page’s radicalization and his white power movement connections.

We aren’t sure what Jon was up to until 2019, when we stumbled across the group Anti-Antifa Chicago (yeah, you read that right) a pro-fascist loosely organized group of chuds borne out of the street fights and scene beefs in Chicago punk culture of ARA punks, skins and other folks with great politics versus nazis, including more Combat18 and Rock Against Communism (RAC) white power boneheads. The group had a blogspot as well as an open Facebook group.

To honor our comrades standing against those white nationalists over the years as well as continue the work, we set about busting apart that group (and still have some names to go!). Their articles are still available on this website. Our first dossier was on Heathen Jon Alexander Argumedo. One was all about him as head of Anti-Antifa Chicago and the other was further info including his familial home and his contact info.


Section 2: Hello, yellow laces!

After we uncovered Jon’s involvement with Anti-Antifa Chicago and outed him, Jon reached out to us over email because he claimed he wanted to move on from hatred and become a father to whom he thought at the time was his child. The baby’s mother is not white.

We truly believe, at the time, Jon was sincere about leaving his white nationalist world behind, sharing heartfelt screenshots of conversation between him and his pregnant partner at the time. Jon attempted to connect with Life After Hate, but true to form, they didn’t return his email. We connected him with a trusted deradicalizer and they made plans to connect to begin the process. In his eagerness to move on, we asked Jon to delete his wildly-inaccurate Anti-Antifa Chicago Blogspot blog site, which targeted people who were at one time affiliated with leftist politics and inaccurately conflated them with members of this collective, Southside ARA, and other brave antifa street crews. The information was outdated or flat out wrong. He agreed.

Jon volunteered to share his 15+ years of knowledge about the white nationalist organizing scene in and around Chicago and we accepted. But then something happened, we won’t share the details as the situation was deeply personal, shocking, and truly saddening. Due to circumstances beyond his control, Jon received a series of emotional wounds and intimate hardships and because of those, he decided not to continue on his path of recovering from white nationalism. In August, we took down Jon’s doxxes. And late August, we attempted to re-establish communication multiple times and heard nothing, leaving us to fear the worst. Sadly, we were able to confirm he fell further into hatred and white nationalism, and continues to attempt to recruit others to his white power causes, and build a broader white supremacist movement in Chicago.


Section 3: White power is one heckuva drug

Distressingly, from autumn 2019 until now, Jon continues to intimidate and attempt to physically attack those he wrongly-believes are members of this and other antifa collectives. We were able to privately confirm Jon was involved in the situations so we re-published his dossiers to this website. They remain visible.

Before quarantine we began hearing rumors of violent attacks on local leftists and radical punks, one of them taking place at a concert. In quarantine, we helped organize a defense against an online doxxing account who was targeting leftists and wrongly connecting them with local collectives including us, Shield Wall Chicago and Panic! in the Discord. We received reports of skinhead violence and Proud Boys at George Floyd protests. We had our suspicions Jon was involved but lacked concrete proof. We believed Jon to be attempting to escalate violence against people who have never been involved in this collective and we became aware of his growing involvement in new national white supremacist organizations.

In November of 2020, comrades at Shield Wall Chicago also spotted and documented Jon out at the MAGA #StopTheSteal rallies in Schaumburg, IL, buddying up with known Blue Lives Matter organizers at their proto-fash Back the Blue events, where there is significant overlap with gun nut militia chuds as well as with Chicago and suburbs Proud Boys. In the pic on the right below, Jon is hanging with Back the Blue bootlicker streamer Emily Cahill, aka Mouse_421 aka ProtestTheProtesters, who is facing jail time for a 2020 incident involving gun possession with a felony conviction and meth possession a few hours away from Chicago.

The Schaumburg rallies consisted of suburb Proud Boys, Chicago Proud Boys, as well as IL Gun Owners Together (IGOT) and We The People III%ers where anti-Black Lives Matter rhetoric and Kyle Rittenhouse worship took centerstage. For more information on the hyper-violent IGOT leader “Creepy Carl” Arriaza who’s under investigation for stalking and harassment of BLM protesters, see their article as well as the deep dive into IGOT membership and Three Percenter militia overlap, and then this follow-up piece, all written by Anne Frank’s Army. It’s important to note that Anne Frank’s Army made the connection of WTP militia members having “We The People” tattooed on them in constitutional script.

We The People III% identify as the national militia Three Percenters or Threepers, an armed anti-government national militia network agitating for another Civil War, is based on the wrong idea that only 3% of the colonists fought against the British during the American Revolution. Going deeper into the irony, the Threeper movement actively supports Donald Trump and, as we saw in January, mobilized in support of his failed re-election bid and were instrumental in the coup attempt. We learn that Threepers are very protective of their name and identity, taking steps to appear multicultural and open to people of color in order to indoctrinate them against those they perceive to be threats to their existence, like governmental tyranny, Democrats, communists, and background checks for gun owners.

Jon was documented at a Thanksgiving #StoptheSteal 2020 rally, where counterprotesters drove MAGA supporters away with a noise demo. Shield Wall Chicago shared in their reportback, that “In the end, we managed to disrupt and bother them to the point they were both visibly uncomfortable and had barely a moment where they were not within earshot of our tauntings. They were mad that we were so loud, and so close to them, unafraid of their unbelievably cringe conspiracy theory movement. This is the effect we want,” from their website. But not before we spotted Jon and his double flags in a Chicago Sun-Times article:


Speaking of his two-flag combo, it’s really familiar and easy to spot because since taking it off his bedroom door in his mom’s Kilbourn Park house from 2017, he drags it everywhere:


The country became acquainted with the gun nut militia types as they stormed the capitol in an attempt at insurrection over a month ago. [In case you were under a rock, check out Bellingcat’s coverage as well as a crowd-sourced visual database of those who have been confirmed at the Capitol riot, and the ChiTown MAGAleaks.] When we saw a loose coalition of MAGA chuds storm the Capitol, we noted that they organized themselves similarly to the Chicago ecosystem: shared membership between Trump supporters, militia organizations, unhinged gun groups, chapters of the violent far right Proud Boys as well as organized white nationalists. But as modeled by Shawn Canning of IGOT, militia chuds are gungho about their tattoos, just like the white nationalist chuds:

Jon was angered by Shield Wall Chicago outing him and his new WTP militia/pro-cop/Proud Boys catch-all fascist scene friends so he made a twitter account and Blogspot dedicated to threats, intimidation, talking shit and inaccurate identifications, all exact copies of his work on his Anti-Antifa Chicago blogspot that we uncovered in 2019. We archived Jon’s Shield Wall Exposed twitter and blogspot in case Jon removes pages again.

Shield Wall Exposed’s profile pic was an image from Revolt Thru Tradition, juxtaposed with We The People militia imagery. How do we know it was Revolt Through Tradition? We got eyes:

What is Revolt Through Tradition? It’s an closely associated group of Rise Above Movement, a white nationalist group founded by Robert Paul Rundo, initially explored in Propublica for their role in Huntington Beach and Berkeley CA street brawls against anti-fascists at protests and at the deadly Unite the Right in Charlottesville, VA in 2017. Since Unite the Right, Benjamin Drake Daley, 25, of Redondo Beach, California; Thomas Walter Gillen, 34, of Redondo Beach; Michael Paul Miselis, 29, of Lawndale, California; and Cole Evan White, 24, of Clayton, California were charged with having traveled to Charlottesville with the aim of inciting a riot and conspiracy to incite a riot, and prosecutors submitted an array of photographs and videos capturing the men pummeling and choking protesters over two days, per Propublica. The men pleaded guilty to conspiracy to riot.

Revolt Through Tradition shares membership with Rise Above Movement and even their logos share similarities:

Founder Rundo is well acquainted with physical violence “In 2009, in Queens, New York, where Rundo had grown up, he confronted two Latino men in a store. Flanked by several other men, Rundo chased his victims into the street where one of them tripped and fell to the pavement. Prosecutors charged Rundo with pouncing on the man and stabbing him in the right hand, right elbow, left arm, chest and neck, according to court records. In a sworn statement the investigating New York Police Department detective noted that the entire episode was documented by surveillance video and that Rundo’s comrades used “some sort of club” to bludgeon the stabbing victim and his friend,” from Problica.

Further, from the same Problica article “Rundo also said, on video, that RAM members are ‘fans’ of a white supremacist slogan called the “14 Words.” The slogan was authored by David Lane while he was serving a 190-year sentence in federal prison for his role in the murder of Jewish talk show host Alan Berg and a series of armored car robberies that netted more than $4 million, money that Lane and his co-conspirators planned to use to fund a race war.”

Even further, the connection between RAM and the Hammerskins, the national white power skinhead organization whose orbit Jon circulated, has been documented in Propublica:

For a deeper exploration of Rundo, Rise Above Movement members, and their involvement in Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, do see the Frontline documentary “Documenting Hate.” For further reading, do check out Ali Winston’s article which chronicles Rundo’s successes, failures, and transformations: “A Portrait of the Fascist as a Young Man” (or if you can’t swing the NY Books subscription, here’s the archive):

Lately, as documented by Bellingcat, in 2020, Rundo moved to Serbia and continued to build a broad fascist organization networking with eastern European ultra-nationals, including those who support the Azov Battalion, a neo-nazi Ukrainian group.

As we’ve shown, Jon’s Shield Wall Exposed Twitter account’s profile pic is a nod to Revolt Through Tradition, offshoot of Rise Above Movement as analyzed by Oleksiy Kuzmenko (archive), a contributor to the Bellingcat article above:

The connection between Revolt Through Tradition and Rise Above Movement was also confirmed by comrades at NYC Antifa (original post):


And then also by the ADL:

To conclude, Rundo continues to open up different subsidiaries under his Rise Above Movement brand of white nationalism in Serbia including Will2Rise, Media2Rise, Our Fight Clothing Co which showcases and sells Be Active Front racist skinhead gear.

Rundo continues to deepen Revolt Through Tradition and Rise Above Movement’s involvement with the growing international fascist organization International Conservative Community. Connections between International Conservative Community and Rise Above Movement plus its supplementary organizations were uncovered by Torch network in their explorations of Ryan Saxer, a neo-Nazi from St. Petersburg, Florida who operates under the name “Sean Battle” and Michael Patrick Hagerty II, a 22-year-old white nationalist who holds membership to two different fascist organizations, Patriot Front and Revolt Through Tradition as well as being the nephew of Tennessee State Senator Bill Hagerty, a Trump loyalist and ambassador to Japan during the Trump administration.

Per research and analysis by comrades at Corvallis Against Fascism , “RAM and RTT are both closely associated with the new group, International Conservative Community. The organization is a massive coalition of fascist and far-right groups across the world, started by RAM’s founder, Robert Rundo. RAM and RTT’s logos both appear on this Free RAM wheatpaste orchestrated by ICC: “

Do note the logos circled in yellow,

easily identifiable as RAM and RTT. The pro-Rittenhouse stickering and wheatpasting was a part of an awareness campaign and it was eventually connected back to ICC and Rundo, as reported by the Vancouver Daily Hive (archive here ).

Far-right groups who have participated in International Conservative Community demos and campaigns include RAM, RTT, Pro Patria, RME CrewTradition and OrderAction ZealandiaDe Fria Sverige and more. Presently, their activities have been limited to awareness-raising exercises in support of arrested RAM members and also fascist murderer Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse is an 18 year-old Illinois man who murdered two protesters and injured another at a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020. Protests began after local police shot yet another unarmed black man and Rittenhouse traveled across state lines, claiming to be a part of a militia although his claim is refuted. Rittenhouse has been heralded as a hero by white nationalists, gun rights organizations, and other violent far groups. ICC demonstrations have been documented in seven US states and 12 countries. [Special thanks to CVAgainstFascism for their guidance in explaining this nebulous organization]

RAM’s practice of lionizing hyper-violence cannot be overstated, from drawing closer connections to the Hammerskin skinhead nation after Wade Michael Page massacred worshippers at the Oak Creek Sikh Gurdwara, an international solidarity campaign with Rittenhouse and their own members jailed for interstate rioting, in addition to Robert Gregory Bowers‘s identification as a RAM supporter. Bowers, the Pennsylvania man accused of murdering 11 congregants at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh in October 2018, posted a message decrying the RAM prosecutions (similar to the Free RAM wheatpasting campaign) on Gab, a far-right social media platform immediately before the massacre. Bowers has pleaded not guilty and a federal trial date has yet to be set.

In very recent news from international, multilingual, primarily volunteer community of writers, translators, academics, and human rights activists Global Voices, “Serbia has expelled Robert Rundo, the ‘American neo-Nazi and founder of the notorious right-wing extremist Rise Above Movement,’ the Serbian daily paper Blic reported on February 11. According to unofficial information published in the Blic article, Serbian police escorted Rundo to the Trbušnica-Šepak border pass, which connects Serbia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the evening of February 10.”

Serbia expels US neo-Nazi after investigative website Bellingcat outed his location


Back to Jon Alexander Argumedo and Shield Wall Chicago Exposed. Jon’s new #StopTheSteal militia friends weren’t appreciative of his brand of help, especially when he lifted their “We The People” patriot messaging and script, conflating them with the explicitly neo-nazi and white power organizations to which Jon belongs:

We The People III% militia members known as Glen Camp and Mike Kilne publicly confront Jon over him co-opting their messaging:

[Author’s note: Following January 6, the Glen Camp account erased his entire twitter timeline but we archived him calling out Jon for using the WTP imagery here. And just to point out, the WTP Threeper chuds are ok with white power and white nationalism, just so long as their militia isn’t publicly linked to it]

Currently, Jon’s Wall Exposed profile pic has changed from the Revolt Through Tradition sticker to “Strength Thru Identity//Be Active Front” which is sold through Rundo’s Our Fight Clothing Company. Remember that Our Fight is another organization within the Rundo white nationalist merchandising empire, as archived here and explained in the above linked articles.

Jon’s not the only skinhead involved with Rise Above Movement and Revolt Through Tradition, as Garfield points out:

In the #PanzerDox collaboration between Colorado Springs Antifascists, Utah 161, Panic! in the Discord, and Corvallis Against Fascism in the summer of 2020 explores the overlap with Our Fight Clothing Co and other white power skinheads individuals and groups like Joshua Matthew “JD Croom” Williamson which begins by shining some sunlight on the network of Panzer Street Wear.

Revolt Through Tradition deactivated their twitter after hosting several rallies in memoriam of Ashli Babbitt, the QAnon true believer who killed as by law enforcement she breached the Capitol rotunda on January 6 2021. In promoting the Babbitt memorial rallies, we see that Wall Exposed “liked” several of those posts which we took the liberty of archiving.

Revolt Through Tradition’s archived Telegram feed can be found here.

In November 2020, Jon on his Wall Exposed account clearly participated in the awareness-raising and supporting Rittenhouse campaign by posting one of Rundo’s International Conservative Community’s designs on a Chicago CTA stop, which we archived here.

What’s interesting though, is which account “Liked” Jon’s tweet:

That’s the Boys of Liberty 312, whose account was archived in 2019 several times, including the promotion of a Chicago Proud Boys, Chicago FOP and American Guard rally against State’s Attorney Kim Foxx.

In our 2019 investigation into the Chicago Proud Boys, led by President “Trigger Tom” Christensen we uncovered that Boys of Liberty 312 twitter account was the feeder group into the violent far-right national organization known as the Proud Boys, whose ties to white nationalist organizations are becoming clearer by the minute. We outed Tom and the rest of the Chicago chapter in July 2019. In case you don’t know who the Proud Boys are, literally just google them. There’s a lot.

The Kim Foxx protest was organized by the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police and promoted by white nationalist/white supremacist-adjacent groups across the country. As reported in the Chicago Sun-Times, also present and giving interviews were “Trigger Tom” and Brien James of American Guard, which is a rebrand of the Vinlanders Social Club and has ties to White Aryan Resistance, founded by Tom Metzinger.

For giggles, do check out this video that President “Trigger Tom” Christensen made and disseminated where he accidentally doxxes the entire Chicago Proud Boys chapter by posting their real names in their remake of the Beastie Boys classic “Sabotage.” The jokes, they write themselves. We have full dossiers on the chuds below and other Chicago Proud Boys which you can easily locate by searching our website:


Section 4: We keep us safe

In December 2020, we finally received confirmation of Jon threatening to continue to exact revenge on people in the community who have nothing to do with antifa work or this collective: Jon admitted it to another collective over DMs. In it, Jon confirms his participation in an attack on someone in the radical community who is not involved in this work:

We confirmed the (redacted) instances Jon’s referring to, thanks to people on the ground recognizing his face at the places he mentions and doing the things that Wall Exposed said. Thanks to those folks coming forward, we are finally able to put a stop Jon attempting to exact revenge on anyone he perceives to be an antifascist as well as their family members. Violence has escalated and due to Jon’s fixation, we do not believe it will stop. It is only under these most dire and serious circumstances that we are releasing information about Jon choosing to work with us during the summer of 2019.

We as Chicago AFA collective, voted unanimously to release Jon’s emails to us ratting on his fellow white nationalists, Proud Boy friends, and a Proud Boy cop. We only do this in order to keep our community safe and because we believe Jon will continue to target innocent people.

Jon was so sincere about leaving the hatred behind, he volunteered to identify as many people in Chicagos white nationalist scene. We did not ask for his help di lui, he offered it completely, in exchange for us taking down his dossiers di lui and connecting him with a de-radicalizing resource. We agreed and he shared screenshots, access to private groups, physical addresses, contact information as well as invitations to white supremacist organizing events.

First, Jon talks about his friendship with Sean Dolan, a local white power skinhead who we outed as a member of Jon’s Anti-Antifa group in 2019. Sean was apparently talking to the FBI. Sean has been outed numerous times, most recently as a Tinder user in October 2020 by Panic in the Discord . You can lurk Sean’s facebook here. Do note the “8318” in his FB link di lui, that’s a throwback to the numeric code of Aryan Terror Brigade, connected with Jon in Section 1,

And then he reiterated his willingness to cooperate with us

Jon was happy to share the most recent developments with the Proud Boys, then led by President “Trigger Tom” Christensen before he served his time in prison for attacking two people he believed to be antifascists at a Dropkick Murphy’s show at Northerly Island in 2017. It is to be noted that Joseph “Josey Wales” Ince paid Trigger Tom’s bond at the request of Gavin McInnes, Proud Boys founder. Tom has since been released from DOC custody , and is out on parole until 11/3/21. Tom has returned to Chicago. He’s rumored to have returned to his presidency of the Chicago Proud Boys.

Jon shared with our collective the internal structures of the Chicago Proud Boys, including their members, their officers and their recruitment process through the Boys of Liberty 312 and the MAGA meetups at Trump Tower. We used the information to infiltrate, join, and destroy.

and then Jon told us about the Proud Boy cop, Rob Bakker:

We verified and wrote up our dossier, which would eventually be picked up and covered in national and local media. As reported by Vice News , Officer Robert Bakker, hired in 2017 was investigated for this involvement with the Proud Boys .

Locally, the Sun-Times ran their own article on Chicago Police Officer Rob.

According to CPD and city data, Proud Boy cop Rob Bakker remains on the force, currently in his fourth year and earns ~$76,000 annually.

We have dozens upon dozens of emails from Jon and are choosing to only share the most damning but if pressed and he continues to target anyone at all, we will release them all.


Section 5. What’s next

Jon Alexander Argumedo, if you’re reading this: Get out of white nationalism, leave strangers or people with whom you have beef alone, and stop hating women. You don’t know the members of Chicago Antifascist Action, Panic! in the Discord or Shield Wall Chicago; we aren’t any of the people from the past who you think we are. Get some help. Leave white power behind and contact a de-radicalizing resource, one who will take your calls and work with you to pull yourself up from this pit of hatred. You can’t return to the international neo-nazi organizations after being outed as an antifa snitch. We strongly recommend FreeRadicals.Org and Hands of The process will take time and every de-radicalizer in the country is busy with new clients. You are turning 30 years old in a few days and you have a choice about letting hatred dictate the next decades of your life. We really hope you walk away and build a new life for yourself, one that doesn’t involve us or fascism.

In the meantime and to everyone else, this article wasn’t a decision we made lightly but at the end of the day, we keep us safe.

We encourage all readers to take a look at Jon’s Facebook friends list from 2019 below and make sure you or your mutuals are not in danger of being harmed by this white nationalist:

Jon was last known to be staying at his grandma’s Kilbourn Park home, but he no longer lives there. He’s rumored to work security at a Park Ridge nursing home.

Any tips about Jon or anyone else, please reach out to us at All the thanks to the many, many moving pieces and crews who contributed to this article. It was a lot of work, spanning over decades of experience and research. We appreciate you all and we keep us safe!

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