!New! Bonus info on Jonathan Alexander Argumendo aka John Heathen aka John Alexander of AntiAntiFa Chicago

As you all may recall from our previous posts, outing this smug ass chud Jonathan Alexander Argumendo as John Heathen, the leader of the scraggly crew AntiAntiFa Chicago which we all know is code for white nationalist, as evidenced by him standing in front of a Celtic Cross, the most basic of neo-Nazi symbols. Don’t believe us? The ADL says so too.

So anyway, we let the world know about him through our article:  https://antifascistchicago.noblogs.org/post/2019/05/29/meet-jonathan-alexander-argumedo-aka-jon-heathen-aka-john-alexander-leader-of-anti-antifa-chicago/

Due to the publishing requirements of this platform, we cannot post personal information like phone numbers here. So we’re not but check out our pastebin at https://pastebin.com/2wQjU9hh

And do remember that if you choose to let John Alexander Argumendo know what a giant piece of fascist poop he is, do so with a burner phone or by using *67 to block your number.

If you have any tips on his place of employment, feel free to drop us a line at antifascistchicago@riseup.net.