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“The balloon has gone up:” Spotlight on members of IL WTP III% Patriot Militia, IL Sons of Liberty militia & new IL recruits

Panic! in the Discord is teaming up with old friends, John Belushi Antifa and Chicago Anti-Fascist Action plus new comrades Anne Frank Army (their Twitter) and Shield Wall Chicago (their Twitter) for this lightning round of dossier publication. Currently, we’re identifying all the IL militia networks, thanks to a ton of help from a Threeper […]

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Kahl O’Dournian, nasty racist troll, admin of Make Americans American Again + Make Women Women Again aka Kyle Dean Dornan of Maharishi International University in Fairfield IA

Special thanks to the tipsters who sent this our way! Have you ever stumbled across some armpit of social media then wonder, wtf who would even make this? That was our experience as we dove into the 8chan troll who’s migrated platforms to pollute Facebook. The Facebook page of Kahl O’Dournian is overlaid with racist, […]

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Regarding Jason David Finney, member of white nationalist Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement, Chicago 43rd Ward GOP Committeeperson, & analyst at RJ O’Brien

Once upon the “before times” of the COVID19 pandemic, the Illinois GOP finally and shockingly stood up for what’s right when Holocaust-denier & Nazi Art Jones hopped on the ballot for Congressman Dan Lipinski’s seat for the second time in recent years: “GOP leaders are endorsing Mike Fricilone and are launching a campaign against his […]

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Travis Beau Golie: Charlatan of the White Lives Matter Movement, Patriot Front fanboy & Fash Bash 2019 speaker, living in Champaign-Urbana, IL area

Travis Beau Golie has long lived in the shadow of his best friend and possible FBI snitch, Kenneth Gary Zrallack who we outed as a member of Patriot Front, founder of Battalion14/CT White Wolves and White Lives Matter movement, member of North East White Power, New Jersey European Heritage Association, and the KKK. Travis has […]

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Kenneth Gary Zrallack, Champaign-Urbana IL area resident, member of Patriot Front, founder of Battalion14/CT White Wolves, member of North East White Power, NJ European Heritage Assoc, KKK

Kenneth Gary Zrallack aka Ken Zrall aka Ken Harris is a known white supremacist from Stratford, CT, believed to be in the Chambana area with fellow white nationalist Travis Beau Golie of Iowa. Ken was co-founder of Battalion 14 (B14CT), a Nazi group, formerly known as Connecticut White Wolves, and former member of North East […]

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Chicago Proud Boys Telegram Chat Logs Identify Chicago Police Officer Rob Bakker as Proud Boy

The Proud Boys are an SPLC-designated hate group for their identity as a far-right neo-fascist organization that admits only men as members and promotes political violence. They’re easily identified with their yellow-ringed knock-off Fred Perry polos and their propensity to get loud, drunk, and in fights. Across the country, they have been condemned for attacking […]

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Chicago connection to that Columbus, OH Anti-Semitic protest sign: supporter Mike Kearns, Chicago police officer

This post is dedicated to the everyday antifascists, the ones who make racists, anti-Semites, Islamophobes, sexists, misogynists, transphobes, and other such Nazis unwelcome across every platform. We see you. We appreciate you. Last weekend, people across the country answered the astroturfed call and demanded local government reopen their states, despite the tide of the growing […]

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Brendan Sweeney: Midwest Regional Coordinator for White Nationalist Organization Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement

White nationalist hate group Identity Evropa Discord user “AltRightMick” who appears on Charlottesville and Identity Evropa servers that were leaked in March by Unicorn Riot and twitter hellion Chidentitarian has been identified as none other than Brendan Sweeney of Chicago, Illinois. Brendan went by the pseudonym “AltRightMick” on Identity Evropa’s Discord servers and Slack channels, […]

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Nick Fuentes, The Zoomer Nazi, Living in LaGrange Park, IL

This article would not have been possible without assistance from TPUSA members and other sources.  Nicholas J Fuentes is one of the last few remaining alt-right grifters who hasn’t been cannibalized by their own fanbase, but he’s getting there. Fuentes is the founder and host of the America First show, where he rails against feminism, […]

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Joseph Jagusah aka College Reactionary aka Borgia King: White Nationalist Anti-Semite at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

When we got word of an alt-right twitter account publicly posting to ask dudes to come over and watch Soviet-era movies with him, our interest was piqued. Who is this guy? And is this the nationalist version of Netflix and chill? He definitely sounds like a charmer. A quick search of the readily available massive […]

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