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Jeff Schwier: Chicago Proud Boy and dad in Glenwood, Illinois

You’d think that when a man is in his late-30’s with a wife and kid to take care of he’d quit running around with burnouts trying to remake Beastie Boys videos and who enjoy attacking people of color and other minorities. That’s not Jeff Schwier. He’s a member of the Chicago Proud Boys who does […]

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Adam Richard Glenn, Charlottesville attendee and Chicago Proud Boy

That ranting, unhinged chud up there? That’s Adam Richard Glenn, of Chicago, who cleverly tries to hide his identity by using the aliases Adam Richard or Adam Alt Richard. He has his own Youtube channel, under Adam Richard, easily findable here and also here After we found the Sabotage video posted by a Proud Boy, […]

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Truly Sabotaged! ‘Trigger’ Tom Frederick Christensen, president of Proud Boys Chicago Chapter

Thomas Fredrick Christensen aka “Trigger Tom” is the president of the Chicago Proud Boys, per a recent MAGA meetup infiltration. Nationally, the Proud Boys have a long and storied history as a violent right-wing extremist group targeting leftists, progressives, or anyone they deem as “SJWs” With Trigger Tom Frederick Christensen’s help, the Chicago Proud Boys […]

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