Adam Richard Glenn, Charlottesville attendee and Chicago Proud Boy

That ranting, unhinged chud up there? That’s Adam Richard Glenn, of Chicago, who cleverly tries to hide his identity by using the aliases Adam Richard or Adam Alt Richard. He has his own Youtube channel, under Adam Richard, easily findable here and also here

But also archived here:

After we found the Sabotage video posted by a Proud Boy, we downloaded it before the video creator, Proud Boys Chicago Chapter President Trigger Tom Christensen took the private video down. He wasn’t quick enough because  we were able to download a copy and make it widely available.
Plus we were able to pull screenshots, where these geniuses used their real names in the intro credits:

Nice Proud Boys uniform. Bet your bros are really proud of your security culture

Have we mentioned the hilarious irony that these jag offs busted themselves and their violent far-right Proud Boy network to the tune of Sabotage?

But wait, who are these bumblebee-looking motherfuckers, ruining the iconic Fred Perry’s?  Fred’s chairperson, by the way, gave a very strong disavowal of the Proud Boys and would very much like for these alt-right bros to stop wearing his shirts. Ouch. Fred is not so proud of your boys.
In case you already know wo these chuds are, feel free to skip ahead. To keep it consistent, we’re going to pull the same public, easily available information we used in Trigger Tom Christensen’s article from Wikipedia, the  ADL and the SPLC:

Literally the first thing that comes up in an internet search

Taken from researchers at the Southern Poverty Law Center

From the Anti-Defamation League

And the debut of another article, from the Miami New Times, from December 2018, featuring who we believe to Adam Richard having his [CW: racial slurs] private messages leaked from what he believed was a secret chat on a secret platform. You’d think Adam would learn from his mistakes of trusting these jabronis. But here we are, outing him because of someone else. Again. Oh well.
A quick search of Adam Glenn lands us on his previous doxx, after Charlottesville from an anonymous eagle-eyed researcher in the days following Unite the Right (archive: here). Following the immediate aftermath of Unite the Right and the expansive condemnation of white nationalism, Adam Richard Glenn found himself under a microscope.

CW: next pic has a racial slur

Screenshots taken from Adam’s first doxx:

Public outcry was so intense that Adam Richard Glenn’s previous bike shop put out a statement disavowing him, which was re-posted in Chain Link, a Chicago bike forum that he was suspended from immediately thereafter. No one likes bike Nazis.

and then his suspension from the forum is the cherry on top:
After we found his YouTube, we found his Twitter where, like most of the Proud Boys who worship Pinochet, Adam wishes “helicopter rides” for others:
We found his two Facebook accounts, one under his real name (archive). 

Adam Richard Glenn’s Facebook is pretty sparse but still there. Recognize any of the folks in the pictures? Maybe want to give them a heads-up that they’re in a dossier with a known white nationalist? Let us know how it goes! Our email is at the bottom of the article.

We then also found his alt, Adam Alt Richard (archive).

We saved it here:

Again, very sparse. How were we able to connect the two? The art styles are really similar and the same people liked the same things. You’d really think these chuds would be smarter, but then again, they posted a video with their real names. Thanks Adam “Alt” Richard Glenn!

His birthday is May 18, 1987, making him 32 years old. We are still looking for his place of employment so if anyone knows him, feel free to email us tips. We were able to figure out where he lives, due to publicly available websites. He owns his own place and rents the other side. There is no central air but a detached garage. Since we can’t post private information on this platform, we encourage everyone to check this link.. He also has a Gab account, like all white supremacists. So be sure to friend him on there and send us more leaked info!

Finally, we were able to dig up a little bit of background on Adam Richard Glenn, including how he grew up in Hoffman Estates, Illinois then went to Columbia College in the Loop to study film production. He lived near campus. Adam Glenn did not graduate. Adam has an arrest record from drinking and driving in Wisconsin. 
Adam’s sister Brooke lives in Downers Grove, Illinois.
His mother Karen sold their familial home and moved to Roselle, Illinois- which are both places Adam is linked to. We encourage his family members to publicly renounce him.

Richard Glenn, his father, would probably be disappointed in the man Adam turned out to be. We’ll never know because he died in 2012 just we’re pretty sure no self-respecting gentleman would look at his son with proud eyes having watched his latest stream of consciousness rant from a dirty attic bedroom on YouTube:


As always, if you have any tips about Adam Richard Glenn, his crew, or any other fascists, reach out to us at
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