Terre Haute, Ind: Matthew Heimbach, American white nationalist leader, working at Thyssenkrupp Presta facility

Indiana comrades have confirmed that Matthew Heimbach is working at a Thyssenkrupp Presta facility in Terre Haute, Indiana, as reported by Chicago Free Media collective:

There are so many things to know about Heimbach and why his neo-nazi ideology is a threat to any community he encroaches. He’s been around the white nationalist movement for over a decade, after he started the White Student Union at his college in Maryland in 2012 and the hits just keep coming:

Heimbach founded Traditionalist Workers Party, a hate group. The group imploded when Matt was caught cheating on his wife Brooke with her stepmother, Jessica, who is the wife of the Party’s co-founder, also named Matt. When Heimbach was caught in a flagante delicto with his lover, he attacked Brooke and Matt Parrott in front of Heimbach and Brooke’s children. [reported multiple places, including WaPo]

Heimbach helped organize the deadly ‘Unite the Right’ white supremacist rally in Charlottesville 2017, where Heather Heyer was murdered and dozens of people were injured after someone [who believes the same things Heimbach does] drove his car into a crowd. Heimbach and the other neo-nazi organizers were found guilty in a civil trial, to the tune of $25 million in damages in 2021. The driver was sentenced to life in prison.

Heimbach was one of the dozens of neo-nazis who attended Richard Spencer’s speech at Michigan State University in 2018. He attempted to attack multiple people who were protesting white nationalism.

Heimbach is the main voice for the internet radio show called National Bolshevik Radio, where he works with “George Eckhart” [you may remember George Eckhart mentioned in our expose of Caleb Dane Rose, a member of white nationalist group Patriot Front, yet another fascist organization]

Heimbach is currently trying to relaunch Traditionalist Workers Party as a National Bolshevik organization, per his own words. Below, he’s captured screaming at reporters in defense of James Alex Fields in front of the Charlottesville General Courthouse on August 14, 2017. Link to play video is here, taken from Newsy.com

Money must be tight and funding running dry as Heimbach is now working at Thyssenkrupp Presta facility in Terre Haute, as noticed by an eagle-eyed comrade. It is unknown how long he has been there as well as what he said during his hiring interview.

Further, we are pleased to share proof of Matt Heimbach’s employment at Thyssenkrupp Presta [reported by Chicago Free Media]

So what can folks do?

First we encourage everyone to call into Thyssenkrupp Presta (a company headquartered overseas in Lichtenstein) and let them know they have hired Matt Heimbach, an actual dangerous person who believes in Hitler-style fascism, and has created several groups dedicated to the advancement of a white nationalist agenda. Like, for real, just google Heimbach.

  • Terre Haute HR can be reached at 812-299-5002
  • International relations can be contacted at +49 201-844-536-043
  • Email Thyssenkrupp Presta at info@Thyssenkrupp.com or contact.presa@Thyssenkrupp.com
    • Always remember to use *67, a burner number, or a burner phone when contacting companies and a sock email when emailing
  • If folks are so inclined, the Thyssenkrupp Presta HR people have LinkedIn accounts and may appreciate knowing that they have hired someone who is a danger to his coworkers, especially if they are not white

Second, let’s warn the community. Matt Heimbach lives in Clinton Ind and frequents the following places. Make sure that the businesses know who Heimbach is, what he looks like, and that his hatred for people who are not white or Christian is not welcome anywhere.

Third, let’s keep each other safe! No one is ok when white nationalists are in our workplaces, our community spaces or just out and about. Share this article and other media far and wide. If one has further information, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Antifascism is community defense!

If you have any info or tips about white nationalists in your area, please reach out to AntiFascistChicago@riseup.net

Your anonymity is assured!

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