Nick Fuentes owns a new apartment building in Berwyn that has questionably legal filing paperwork & provides a potential opportunity for tenants to withhold rent without consequence


Upon first glance, this Berwyn, Illinois residence doesn’t seem particularly noteworthy. Looks like a three flat with nice windows on the top. Quiet suburban street about 33 minutes from Chicago via car, but quicker by Metra commuter train from the LaVergne stop or on the CTA from the Oak Park Blue Stop (towards O’Hare). However, if you’ve heard of white supremacist Holocaust denier & shameless grifter Nick Joseph Fuentes, his America First brand, and his followers di lui, known as Groypers , you’ll be keenly interested in this address, as it’s his residence di lui as well as rental property.

[ Author’s note: By virtue of Nick being a social commentator (we’re using that term very loosely lol), he is a public figure and therefore exempted from the expectations of privacy with regard to his home address and contact information that regular people ( even Nazis) are afforded.]

If you don’t know who Nick Fuentes is, fortunately a lot of mainstream news articles, like the ones from Salon and Mother Jones can answer that:


tl;dr? Nicholas Joseph Fuentes, at age 23, has been a white nationalist grifter since before Charlottesville, making his living via donations from grown-ass low-intelligence internet chuds who think he’s the most insightful political voice since the Daily Stormer. He’s from the Chicago suburb LaGrange, where until recently, he lived with his parents. We wrote about him years ago (click through for the full dossiers and threads):

Nick Fuentes, The Zoomer Nazi, Living in LaGrange Park, IL

Previously, his news presence included how he was too scared to attend Boston University as a legacy student because of his participation in Charlottesville. Too bad for us the moving to AL didn’t work out.

Nick collaborated and worked closley with other known white nationalist pundits including Unite the Right architects Richard Spencer of now-defunct racist National Policy Institute and Patrick Casey, former CEO of hate group Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement (IE/AmIM), as well as Milo Yiannopoulos, now a conversion therapy graduate involved in the militant anti-gay “trad cath” movement.

Comrades at the now-defunct research and direct action crew Panic! in the Discord collective also posted about him:


along with many, many well-respected researchers over the years:

Patrick Casey publicly left America First, after refusing to attend Nick Fuentes’s America First PAC claiming it was a fed trap. More on that split and its ripple effects (if you want) on video here (CN for hate speech) and also explained by comrades at Angry White Men blog.

Currently, a traditional Catholic Christian fascist (Christo-fascist) coalition is coalescing, gaining some momentum and working with Fuentes to recruit his Groyper followers to their extreme right cause, as explored by researcher Ben Lorber in Salon .

How do we know Nick moved out of his parents’ basement and purchased his own apartment building? During a feud with one of his supporters about celibacy, he posted about it (archived here ) on telegram:

Behold, the apartment building in question, which is located at 1826 Home Ave, Berwyn IL, 60402:

At the 1826 Home Avenue address in Berwyn, IL both the first and second floor units have large three bedrooms with full formal dining rooms and living rooms. The basement apartment is a one bedroom apartment with oak floors, a formal dining and living room and a full bath. Nick’s building also offers a full 2 ​​car garage, a bonus room that offers duplex potential in the basement and a full laundry area.

Although Nick’s building is now off-market, the sale listing with staged interior photos can be found here, thanks to Zillow and archived here .

Any savvy researcher would know that when exploring sketchy property deals, the first place to start is with the free and open local county property portal to get that sweet Property Identification Number (PIN), 16-19-311-031-0000:

The PIN will be the line connecting Fuentes’s property to all the changes we’re about to unpack. After we have that, then it’s easy to find…

From there we dive into Cook County publicly-available property records , we learn the full history of Nick’s purchase,

which we’re breaking down, as DIY real estate is our passion. Nick purchased the building from previous owner James Kelly in November 2020:

It appears that Nick was operating the building under “Chicco Properties LLC” without an official change. Chicco Properties was responsible for the Home Ave building permits and for repairs costing over $16k, as submitted to the city of Berwyn in early December 2020 :


In January 2021, two months after the 1826 Home Ave building is acquired by Fuentes, he drops the property deed in a quit claim deed from himself to Chicco Properties LLC. A quitclaim deed is legally binding paperwork for a fast way to transfer property. Unlike general or special warranty deeds, the quitclaim includes no protections for the buyer, which makes sense as we keep digging. We will show that Nick transferred the property from himself to himself.

Do note that the property transfer to the LLC comes in the days immediately following the January 6 Trump coup attempt. Perhaps known to him at the time, Fuentes would be subpoena’d by the January 6 investigation for his role in organizing Stop the Steal rallies as well as encouraging his Groyper supporters to attend the rally and attack the Capitol, as reported by NBCnews and NYTimes . As anarchists, we do not support or celebrate any arrests made by the feds and the inclusion of this information is not an endorsement.


Full detail about the Chicco Properties LLC is shown here, screenshotted from the Cook County Recorder’s portal, obtained by searching for the PIN:


So that begs the question: What is Chicco Properties LLC? Per the LLC search on the free and public IL Secretary of State website , the Chicco Properties LLC was at one time, a limited liability corporation in good standing:

Ah, the Chicco Property’s manager is Marlene Chicco! Who is that?

According to Marlene’s obituary (RIP), she passed on May 19, 2021, almost six months after establishing her LLC. We wonder who her family is….ohp: “[Marlene] is succeeded by her adoring daughter Lauren (Fuentes), her cherished grandchildren Melissa and Nicholas, and her son in law and dear friend, Bill Fuentes,” per her Legacy obituary , archived here .

To sum up, white supremacist Nick Fuentes bought an apartment building in Berwyn and then transferred ownership to an LLC established under his grandmother’s name months before her death.

And then on March 11, 2022, Chicco Properties LLC’s “good standing” changed:

Chicco Properties LLC was dissolved involuntarily. Involuntary Dissolution in Illinois means that corporations, like the Chicco Properties LLC, may be dissolved involuntarily by a court order as a result of a lawsuit by creditors, or by the Illinois Secretary of State for failure to file an annual report or pay annual fees. We are n’t sure what happened that triggered the state to force the dissolution of the LLC holding ownership to Nick’s apartment building, especially given his monthly income has been astronomical before being deplatformed from DLive:
Maybe he spent all his lemons on blacklights to better search for his roommate’s semen.
Finally, as one last nail in the coffin of Nick’s property management missteps, a quick internet search of Nick’s name reveals that the same white nationalist internet celebrity (and family) is the one and the same as the owner of the 1826 Home Ave building.


In summation, Nick Fuentes purchased a 7 bed 4 bath home with the zoning permission to carve it into 6 apartments. Nick
then transferred his 1826 Home Ave building to an LLC that was involuntarily dissolved by Illinois. In our informed opinion, Nick is going to have a hard time dissolving the LLC properly and redistributing that property because his grandmother di lui di lui, the manager for the LLC is no longer of this world. [And what kind of person does that?!] Since the LLC was dissolved and Marlene has passed, Nick would need a succession document from before she died notarized saying he succeeds management of the LLC. If he does anything in her name it could be fraud unless he had succession docs set up, and the succession documents should be filed with the Secretary of State. Considering it’s been five months, we struggle to imagine he has the needed documents, asthe most up-to-date property documents still show Chicco Property as the current owner:


Based on our analysis, Nick’s building is in legal limbo because Marlene’s LLC [which shields him from being sued, as well as debt collectors and helps him with insurance and collection of rent, etc] is dissolved. The home belongs to a dissolved LLC and that means no one can do anything if tenants decide not to pay rent. Because who is going to take the tenants to court: A dissolved LLC? Marlene? How can an eviction proceed if Nick isn’t the true owner of the property anymore, the dissolved LLC managed by a woman who is no longer alive?If Nick’s tenants choose to pursue this route of perfectly-legal tactic of withholding rent to demand better conditions, we encourage them to speak with a tenants right organization about their rights under Cook County Residential Tenant Landlord Ordinance (CCRTLO), like Illinois Legal Aid:


This, folks, is what happens when a dumbass Nazi attempts to DIY LLC real estate. Spread the word!
As for everyone else who does not live in Nick Fuentes’s building, here are some actions to take:
  • Let the neighbors know! Flyers, mailers, & posters explaining who exactly owns 1826 Home Ave in Berwyn. Having a Holocaust-denying white nationalist who played a role in the Trump coup attempt as a neighbor is bad news. Let people know so they can protect themselves. A flyer is available for download 
  • Let the local Catholic churches know! Nick Fuentes considers himself a “tradcath,” part of that growing militant Christo-fascist movement we mentioned earlier
  • Keep an eye out for Nick’s cadre of known white supremacist live-streamers and other bad actors in Berwyn.
  • Send any tips about white nationalists in Chicago and beyond to us at and remember, we keep us safe!
Antifascism is community defense! If you have any info or tips about Neo-Nazis in your area, please reach out
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