Patriot Front propaganda clean up: Lockport IL

In January 2022, Unicorn Riot independent media collective posted a massive leak of American fascist group Patriot Front’s internal servers which included tons of personally identifying information, unredacted face pics, as well as explicit plannings of hate crimes. Identified members of the hate group, image galleries, and other helpful resources can be found at

In the face of incredible public disgust and outrage at Patriot Front’s beliefs and actions, most notably at their march in DC in December 2021 and their failed attempts to join March For Life in Chicago and DC, both in January 2022, Patriot Front leader Thomas Rousseau commanded his dwindling group of white nationalists to post stickers and other propaganda in towns near their homes to aid in online recruitment efforts. In Lockport, Illinois, neighbors made short work of the four neo-Nazi stickers hung up, hours after they appeared. People on the ground reported that the cheap, poorly-printed stickers would not have survived the elements beyond a day as they were already disintegrating in the sleet. Further proof that Midwest winters also hate Illinois Nazis lol:

Despite the risks taken by the single local white nationalist who we believe to be living in Joliet, IL, the next town over, his efforts were easily undone and the people in Lockport continue to be blissfully unaware of Patriot Front.


Antifascism is community defense! If you have any information about Patriot Front members, local white nationalists, or anything in between, email us at

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