Chicago: Brodie Michael Blakeslee, Jefferson Park neo-nazi identified


Brodie Michael Blakeslee first popped up on our radar in June of 2020. We heard multiple accounts of people attending a BLM demonstration in Jefferson Park, a neighborhood on Chicago’s northwest side, that Brodie screamed at people, tore off his shirt to reveal Nazi and white power tattoos, and then charged at people with a pitchfork. We quickly ascertained where he lived — the BLM demo marched right by his house — and have been keeping an eye on him ever since.

This past week, news broke that someone had vandalized several POC-owned businesses in Jefferson Park with swastika graffiti.

As it turns out, those businesses are directly across the alley from Brodie’s house.

Not only does Brodie like harassing his neighbors, but he is dumb enough to get caught on camera while doing it. He’s charged with felony hate crime offenses.

This is not Brodie’s first arrest. He has several assault charges in Chicago already on record from 2017 and 2021, and he has served time in Nevada and California for burglary and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, respectively.

During his recent bail hearing, Brodie told a state’s attorney that he vandalized the stores “to let Black Lives Matter supporters know the neighborhood was protected.” He also told police he tagged the stores with “AW,” standing for Aryan Warriors, his prison gang, according to this article.

Brodie previously served time at Ely State Correctional Center in Nevada, where he went by aliases “Dingo Dog” or “Dog Dingo.” Nevada’s prison system, and the Ely supermax facility in particular, has a long history of internal corruption enabling white supremacist gangs like Aryan Warriors to commit extortion, racist violence, retaliatory killings, and meth distribution while locked up.

Brodie’s social media tells us he’s a big fan of Breitbart and he likes to post about guns a lot.

On his pinterest page, he keeps a folder called “Black Lives Matter” that is filled with pictures of nooses. Standard fascist stuff.

Neighbors of Brodie in Jefferson Park should keep an eye out for this fascist, given his propensity for violence and racist hostility. He is known to have friends in the neighborhood as well.

We can’t post Brodie’s personal details due to the publishing requirements of this platform, but you can find it all here


We protect us! Antifascism is community defense. If anyone has additional information about Brodie, his friends, or any other white nationalists, drop us a line: . Your messages are confidential!

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