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Nick Fuentes, The Zoomer Nazi, Living in LaGrange Park, IL

This article would not have been possible without assistance from TPUSA members and other sources.  Nicholas J Fuentes is one of the last few remaining alt-right grifters who hasn’t been cannibalized by their own fanbase, but he’s getting there. Fuentes is the founder and host of the America First show, where he rails against feminism, […]

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Joseph Jagusah aka College Reactionary aka Borgia King: White Nationalist Anti-Semite at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

When we got word of an alt-right twitter account publicly posting to ask dudes to come over and watch Soviet-era movies with him, our interest was piqued. Who is this guy? And is this the nationalist version of Netflix and chill? He definitely sounds like a charmer. A quick search of the readily available massive […]

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