Joseph Jagusah aka College Reactionary aka Borgia King: White Nationalist Anti-Semite at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

When we got word of an alt-right twitter account publicly posting to ask dudes to come over and watch Soviet-era movies with him, our interest was piqued. Who is this guy? And is this the nationalist version of Netflix and chill?

He definitely sounds like a charmer. A quick search of the readily available massive white nationalist discord server dump, curated and hosted by the amazing Unicorn Riot lands us with this immediate confirmation:

the best own is a self-own

Between Borgia King and his discord profile, we note that the same usernames and profile pic. Sometimes putting the pieces together isn’t that hard.

That’s pretty unique name. So we looked for his name in LinkedIn:

What is the discord server we found? Leaked and then hosted on Unicorn Riot, the Matt Forney Live server is supposed to be solely for promoting Matt Forney’s podcasts and his projects.

Who is Matt Forney? Ask the Anti-Defamation League, or consult their expansive field guide to the Alt-Right aka the new White Nationalist movement:

Forney has become a bridge for misogynists and the anti-immigration, pro-white supremacy movement. Again, per the ADL’s comprehensive piece, When Women are the Enemy: The Intersection of Misogyny and White Supremacy

The video the tweet links to is unavailable, probably pulled for anti-woman or pro-fascist content but the tweet remains.

In the past, he has also commented on former GamerGate misogynist and rapist RooshV‘s blog:

and another one:

Source: Archive:


Among his followers include Patrick Casey, leader of the Neo-Nazi group the American Identity Movement.

As well as @chidentitarian, who is one of his first followers, and is a Twitter account run by a group of Illinois American Identity Movement members.

Here is his full archived Twitter:

As well as archives of his shitty blog:
His archived Facebook:

We know he went to the Illinois Math and Science Academy. We doubt IMSA would be proud of him.

Joseph was just kicked out by the fraternity he was a part of at UIUC. We praise the fraternity for taking decisive action against white supremacy on their campus.

Redacted info about Joseph can be found here.

As always, if you have any tips about any fascists in Chicago or elsewhere, please reach out to


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