Logan Plank aka Patriot Front member Clarke IL, an STL-area, Sheet Metal union (SMART 36) applicant, son of Wood River, IL councilman Jeremy Plank and Bethalto teacher Tiffany Plank

Logan Plank of Wood River, Illinois is also known as Clarke IL, a member of Patriot Front, a violent white supremacist group, as proved by their internal documents leaked today by Unicorn Riot.

Patriot Front was founded in the aftermath of 2017’s deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The fascist who drove his car into the crowd, killing Heather Heyer and injuring dozens of others, marched at the rally with Thomas Rousseau of Vanguard America, a neo-Nazi group. For more information on James Alex Fields, click here. Soon after, Rousseau formed Patriot Front as a splinter of Vanguard America. The then-teenaged founder, Rousseau, seized membership and assets of an earlier white power organization, Vanguard America, and rebranded his group as Patriot Front.

While the organization uses red, white, and blue patriotic imagery, Patriot Front is unambiguously white nationalist, stating that “Nationhood cannot be bestowed upon those who are not of the founding [white] stock of our people.” The organization is also fascist, an early text was titled “American Fascist Manifesto”, and involves neo-Nazis within its ranks. Since 2017, Patriot Front has also held “flash mob” events, where they are easily spotted in their uniform of khaki pants, polo shirts, ball caps, and white gaiter masks, and carrying American flags, smoke bombs or other props. At these events, their uniformed members will unload from the back of a rented U-Haul or Penske box truck, then briefly march along their planned route through the city, usually at night when there are few bystanders. The purpose of these marches is to generate footage for a few minutes of flashy recruitment videos for their social media channels. As well as holding flash rallies featuring masked participants, Patriot Front regularly spreads propaganda in the form of stickers, banners, and stencil graffiti. Patriot Front goal is often intimidation, for example when it targets synagogues with propaganda for the racist group. Following 2020’s mass anti-racist protests and rebellion, Patriot Front has increasingly targeted Black Lives Matter and racial justice murals for defacement. Patriot Front does this both to threaten its perceived enemies and to build notoriety for the organization. Today, Patriot Front is one of the most active distributors of racist and antisemitic propaganda in the country, both online and via fliers, stickers, and banners. Per its manifesto, the group is does not allow women to join and is actively working to create a whites-only ethnostate.

Below, in Patriot Front’s own video, ripped from their bitchute in case they delete it, we see documentation of Patriot Front vandalizing Black Lives Matter memorials, hanging banners over highways and of course, repurposing a Missouri FBI billboard in retaliation for the FBI knocking on their members’ doors. We share Patriot Front’s promotional video for educational purposes only.

As radicals and anti-fascists, we have no love for the state nor any of its enforcement mechanisms like the police, FBI, ICE, DHS, etc nor do we particularly care when any of their billboards are defaced. However, we are interested in uncovering the identities of the white nationalists hiding in our midst, and supporting communities in their defense against the rising tide of fascism.
Taken from Patriot Front’s telegram channel, which we will not be linking to because we don’t promote nazis:
After the neo-nazis posted, others did so as well. Their messages are below and archived here and here. White nationalists posted in support of it on iFunny, which we archived but will not be sharing.
On January 21 2022, as Patriot Front was marching at the anti-abortion protest in DC independent media outlet Unicorn Riot released 500GB of Patriot Front’s unaltered internal communications. The leaks include “private, unedited videos and direct messages reveal a campaign to organize acts of racial hatred while indoctrinating teenagers into national socialism (Nazism).”

“This release is now made available to the public at vault.unicornriot.ninja. Volunteers upgraded Unicorn Riot’s DiscordLeaks platform to host 55,249 RocketChat messages and file attachments, allowing the public to search the cache and inspect how fascists try to operate discreetly at their most inner levels.” From UR’s BitTorrent section: PatriotFrontLeaks BitTorrent release:

The PatriotFrontLeaks BitTorrent file release requires approximately 440 gigabytes of space. (Contains more than 6600 files). The app “Transmission” v3.0.0 (Linux/Mac) and “qBittorrent” v4.4.0 (Windows) is confirmed to work with this release. BitTorrent packaging courtesy of Distributed Denial of Secrets.

Note: Torrents are not an anonymous method of downloading files. More info here.”

The January 2022 leaks of Patriot Front’s inner workings, white supremacist rhetoric, connections to the US military, and attempts to infiltrate mainstream conservative movements have been published widely in national media outlets.
For more information, see the full articles whose headlines are captured above from The Guardian, Huffington Post, NPR, Ars Technica, and Vice.
As the articles linked above also explain, upon arriving in the Patriot Front server, members are assigned a fake name and a state, obscuring their identities to one another. We are particularly interested in one young man, Clarke IL, pictured front and center in a Patriot Front training propaganda, unmasked and easily identifiable.

From the conversations leaked by Unicorn Riot at the links above, we see that Patriot Front member Clarke IL clearly had intentions of moving up in the fascist organization. In fact, Clarke IL even asked Thomas if he could learn the “art of making propaganda pieces” from him and then sent Thomas his sketched first attempt at Patriot Front promotional materials (aka “promat”). It’s clear that Clarke was seeking Thomas’s validation and approval, as well as maybe the design could be used on neo-Nazi stickers or banners used to terrorize communities.
Thomas does not respond to the first design. Thomas does not respond at all. Their next exchange is a scripted message the next day. This image was posted earlier today on Patriot Front’s telegram account, their messaging other than what Logan had suggested to Thomas:
 Then we open up the direct messaged private conversations between Logan under the name Clarke IL and his Patriot Front network director Carter MO. So when member Clarke IL sends his resume for review ahead of an application into SMART Local 36’s apprenticeship program, which makes Clarke’s identification very easy. The image is available for download from the Unicorn Riot Patriot Front Leaks Vault. On his resume, Logan provides his contact info as well as claims to work at Jewett Roofing Company in Greenville, IL. Action items are at the bottom of the article.

After Logan compliments to Carter MO’s persuasive skills, Carter goes on to counsel Logan how to more successfully mislead and lie about his white nationalist beliefs and behaviors to his father, Jeremy Plank, Wood River Town Councilman.

The billboard that Patriot Front covered in Arnold, MO is within an hour drive of Wood River, IL.
In Springfield, Logan was one of the Patriot Front members who defaced a tunnel with fasces (of which the word “fascism” is rooted) and propaganda. In the video below, Carter MO aka Luke Paule and Logan’s faces are clearly visible:
The video is available in the Unicorn Riot vault, chockfull of all Patriot Front internal communications and unredacted images.
Logan Plank: maybe you should have thought twice before joining a neo-Nazi organization, especially straight out of high school. You made your choices. Good luck putting your life back together. If there was ever a wake-up call to leave your white nationalist values behind, this is it. Hopefully your family: your mother Tiffany Perry (Plank), your stepfather Matthew Perry, and your father Jeremy Plank, as well as your grandparents and friends can pull you out of the hatred in which you’ve enmeshed yourself.

Logan Plank aka Patriot Front member Clarke IL

So who is Logan Plank also known as Clarke IL in the world of the American fascist hate group Patriot Front?
Logan Plank graduated from Roxana Senior High School, in Roxana IL, in 2021 per this screenshot at 7:47
that was taken from Roxana high school graduation video. Then it was easy to find Logan’s facebook and his fake backup page Pogan Lank. His FB friends list is wide open so we set about recording who associates with this white nationalist so they can work on holding him accountable for his neo-Nazi beliefs. The screenshots are posted at the end of this section. Working backwards, we piece together that Logan turned 18 on September 11 2021, making his birthday 9/11/2003. In some ways, Logan is still figuring out how to exist in the world but the fact that one of the ways he’s navigating includes joining a violent white supremacist organization is disturbing. Logan and his Patriot Front brothers are a threat to any community they invade, so we have to ask what happened? Why and how did this high school kid fall headfirst into racism, anti-semitism, misogyny, islamophobia, homophobia and sexism? What should be done about it?


We might not be able to assemble a full explanation of Logan’s downward trajectory to Patriot Front but Logan’s facebook likes show a distinct interest starting from Donald Trump then sliding to far-right nationalism and then finally, we find him in the Patriot Front internal communications. Just in case anyone had any doubts about the former president’s dog whistles pushing his followers from conservatism to genocidal violence and delusion. Additionally, it has been proven that white nationalist organizations target, radicalize and recruit teenagers online.

Logan’s shared his resume with his Patriot Front network director and on it, Logan stated that he currently works for Jewett Roofing Company. Jewett claims to be a family business that has been serving the commercial roofing market since 1984 and that they’re committed to professional solutions, and serious craftsmanship. Let’s hope one of their “professional solutions” includes firing the white nationalist working on people’s houses for them. Further, it looks like Logan is looking to apply for SMART Local 36 union welder apprenticeship. Action items in the last section.

It seems like Logan had a typical high school experience, singing “Where it’s at” for the talent show, as recorded by his mom Tiffany Perry.

Logan, his mom, and her partner, all sing along to Gangsta’s Paradise:

Logan’s Mother, Stepdad, Father, Grandparents, & Friends

So let’s dig into his the people who have the potential to influence him and support him in his development.
First, his mother Tiffany (nee Smith, formerly Plank) Perry remarried after the divorce from Logan’s dad, Jeremy. She and her husband, former Carlinville police officer Matthew Perry welcomed a baby boy into the world in 2019. Tiffany’s Tiktok handle is “Life As a Song” where she showcases her life with Matthew and their young son. Photos are taken from Tiffany’s facebook and redacted by us.
Tiffany is a math teacher at Bethalto Middle School in Bethalto, Illinois teaching impressionable children
and Matthew is an Illinois state employee. Both have some delusions that undoubtedly played a role in Logan’s development and potentially his life path into a neo-Nazi organization Pro-Trump Tiffany believes that the January 6 2020 storming of the Capitol, directed by then-president Trump and coordinated by different fringe groups including white supremacists Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, was an ANTIFA hoax. As of October 21, stepdad Matthew was proudly unvaccinated despite being a state employee. As noted, before he was a state employee, Matthew was a cop. He resigned from the Carlinville police department in 2019, per local newsMatthew is completely tone deaf on what the Black Lives Matter movement, as seen in his gross shirt. With terrible values like this on display, who knows how many people of color Matthew harassed during his watch.
Tiffany’s twitter, now abandoned, features images of Logan performing in his early high school days before his brother was born:
Logan’s father is Jeremy Plank, Wood River Town Councilman:

Before being elected in 2021, Logan’s father Jeremy served as chairman of the Madison County Flood Prevention District and initiated the “Save the Roundhouse” petition and ballot initiative, garnering 72% support from city voters. “Jeremy and his son have made Wood River their home for over 15 years,” per local media and archived here. In the Patriot Front Rocketchat logs, Logan-as-Clarke IL refers to his conversations with his dad, and his dad even selling his car so they clearly share a residence. 

Jeremy, featured on the Wood River town government roster that can be found here and is archived here:

Per his Facebook page, Jeremy ran for town council and won on a transparency and fiscal sensibility platform while ignoring the white nationalism taking root in his kitchen.
On his linkedin, Jeremy’s business is Forensic Accounting and Consulting Services and is located at 11 Glen Ed Professional Park
Glen Carbon, IL 62034
Between Jeremy’s dedication to his political career and his Forensic Accounting business, it seems like Logan found support in another community, Patriot Front and was trying to cozy up to other father figures like Thomas and Carter.
Jeremy and Logan’s last known residence is in Wood River and a peek inside the house is available on Realtor.com. It looks like they’re renting from Dormus Properties LLC, a property management company based in West Lafayette, Indiana. Action items are at the bottom of the article.
Tiffany’s mother and Logan’s grandmother is Judy McGill and if the comments on his FB pics are any indication, she is enthralled with Logan.
Jeremy’s parents, Logan’s paternal grandparents are Maryanne and Curtis PlankCurtis is the owner and sole proprietor at ZOE Charolais in Huntsville, MO, and sells Charolais cattle breeding stock. He’s pictured with Maryanne. 


All of these adults in Logan’s life looked away from or even possibly tacitly encouraged Logan’s hatred of non-whites as well as his desire to build a whites-only ethnostate. In addition to Logan, these enablers should also face social consequences for their ignorance or potential encouragement of white nationalism.
As mentioned previously, Logan’s facebook friends list was wide open so we went through and captured all of his high school friends and his family who are unwittingly friends with someone who’s working to build a ‘whites only’ ethnostate with other violent neo-nazis.

Action items

Holding white nationalists accountable for their words and deeds is one tenet of antifascism. We believe that there should be no quarter, no sanctuary for fascists like Logan Plank and his Patriot Front brothers actively seeking to cause harm to vulnerable communities. Keep in mind that the businesses below probably have no idea that Logan is involved with a hate group so we encourage concerned citizens to be polite in their outreach. In contacting the places below, do consider using safety tools like *67 when calling, sock emails when emailing, and a VPN for all the things online.
  • Contact Dormus Properties LLC, the property management company based in West Lafayette, Indiana who owns the house on Condit St. Politely ask them about Logan Plank and his father, last known to be living on Condit Street in Wood River. Politely ask them if they know they’re renting to a member of a white nationalist hate group. The property management company’s publicly available contact info is (765) 497-8982


  • Per Logan’s resume that he posted through the American Fascist server, he works for Jewett Roofing Company out of their Greenville, Illinois office at 1800 S Elm St. Greenville,IL 62246. Their office number is (618) 664-2346. Jewett has several inactive social medias so we encourage folks not to bother with their facebook, twitter, linkedin, or youtube and instead call or use the contact page above behind a VPN.



  • In the exchange of messages between Logan to his Network Director Carter MO, Carter insists that Logan join the apprenticeship program at Sheet Metal Air Rail Transportation (SMART) Union, Local 36. As of December 2021, Logan appears to have applied. Ask SMART Local 36 – St Louis office if they have a ‘No members of a hate group’ policy within their apprentice program. Local 36 is active on Twitter and Facebook. Their office number is (314) 371-2800 and their hours are 8:00a to 4:30p CST and their website is https://sheetmetal36.org/
Patriot Front members, if you’re reading this post about your brother Clarke IL and worrying about what’s next for your future, this is your sign to quit the white nationalist movement and begin your de-radicalization process. Start by reading Change Your Life for the Better in 2022: Leave the White Nationalist Movement. Invaluable and trusted de-radicalization resources like Shannon Foley Martinez and Hands of Eir are out there, ready to provide support to those who want to leave the hatred behind. You can email us to be connected to them or seek them out on your own. But however you choose to leave the movement, get out now. There are more storms on the horizon and your current path will not be an easy or safe one.
Due to the publishing requirements of this platform, we cannot directly share personal information like Logan Plank and his parents’ phone number, email address, or home addresses. However, we can link to this separate website and this one where that information can be found.

“[The Patriot Front] release is now made available to the public at vault.unicornriot.ninja. Volunteers upgraded Unicorn Riot’s DiscordLeaks platform to host 55,249 RocketChat messages and file attachments, allowing the public to search the cache and inspect how fascists try to operate discreetly at their most inner levels.” From UR’s BitTorrent section: PatriotFrontLeaks BitTorrent release:

The PatriotFrontLeaks BitTorrent file release requires approximately 440 gigabytes of space. (Contains more than 6600 files). The app “Transmission” v3.0.0 (Linux/Mac) and “qBittorrent” v4.4.0 (Windows) is confirmed to work with this release. BitTorrent packaging courtesy of Distributed Denial of Secrets.

Note: Torrents are not an anonymous method of downloading files. More info here.”

Antifascism is community defense! If you have any info or tips about white nationalists in your area, please reach out to AntiFascistChicago@riseup.net
If you recognize any of the Patriot Front members in Unicorn Riot’s articles or torrents, email PatriotFail@protonmail.com
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