Remember Nick Stiso? The Chicago Nazi punk who won’t f*ck off is on TikTok

It’s been a minute but does anyone happen to remember Proud Boy, “Anti-Antifa” Nazi punk and former Patriot Front member Nick Stiso? We don’t blame you if you don’t.

Bad news however is that this Nazi punk who won’t fuck off is back again. This time he is out harassing veterans on TikTok. As antifascists, we do not support US imperialism and applaud most critiques of the US/NATO war machine, except for Nick Stiso. He can jump in the lake. He has been posting video after video harassing LGBTQ people and women in the military. Ironically, it appears that Nick in fact never finished boot camp and was kicked out for behavioral issues. So much for being a “vet.” This comes as a surprise to no one if you look into his long string of behavioral outbursts and temper tantrums. If you feel like reporting him for harassment & blocking him, this is his TikTok.

Nick’s profile contains video after video of him arguing senselessly with commenters and delivering baseless attacks against women. Sad to say but this pattern of behavior is not new for Nick.

Nicholas John Stiso: Patriot Front Member and Current Chicago Proud Boy

Included in this rant is the following video, where Nick tells a sexual assault survivor:
“No, you’re a victim. Survivors fight back and defend themselves. You’re a victim. You always have been and you always will be. I don’t care what you went through. I don’t give a shit.”

Of course, Nick is a coward who keeps deleting his own misogynistic rape apologist videos and who harasses and reports women’s video’s on TikTok, so we have republished it here for all to see.

DarthBarbie vs. Stiso1

We’re familiar with Nick Stiso, having identified him as a member of white nationalist group Patriot Front during the 2018 Conor Ryan/Smiter/Francis IL years, before Conor moved to Colorado and started working for ESI Bodyguard School. Nick joined the local 1488 skin scene with Jon “Heathen” Argumedo and became a member of the Anti-Antifa crew, which we know just means pro-fascist. After that, Nick became a member of the Chicago chapter of the Proud Boys before their President Trigger Tom Frederick Christensen of Chicago IL was sentenced to a jail for stabbing an antifascist. Previously, Trigger Tom got the chapter doxxed by having them all star in a remake of the Beastie Boys “Sabotage” music video, where the credits included their real names and then posting the video on YouTube. Sadly, Nick was not invited to the big screen. Here, Nick rambles about his beliefs and Tom’s attack in 2019. The jokes, well, they write themselves.

Other researchers have documented Nick and his involvement with hate groups:



We don’t have a current address for Nick, other than the one posted in local news from Riverside IL, where it was reported that Nick was attempting to harm himself and was hospitalized in 2020:

Years ago, the community let us know that Nick’s parents, who are living in LaGrange IL, have cut ties with him presumably due to his behavior and beliefs. Below, he commented on a Berwyn police department page in 2020. He appears to have been homeless during the years he was involved with hate groups.


We sincerely hope Nick is no longer living in a woodpile in a forest in the Chicago suburbs and also that he seeks the help he clearly needs for his beliefs as well as his abusive behaviors. Nick is a great case study in what happens to you after you join fascist groups and fuck around and find out: your parents abandon you, no one will fuck with you, and your only joy comes out of harassing more people online and isolating yourself. Nick, if you’re reading this, get help and log off.

Antifascism is community defense! If you have any info or tips about white nationalists in your area, please reach out to

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