Nicholas John Stiso: Patriot Front Member and Current Chicago Proud Boy

As we’ve covered in previous articles, the Proud Boys are a violent far-right group that has had many arrests among its members for violence. Don’t believe us? Read what the hate group trackers the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League have to say about this violent far-right group. In fact, “Trigger” Tom Christensen, the President of the Chicago Chapter of the Proud Boys, was just found guilty of 2 felonies for stabbing two people outside of a Dropkick Murphy’s concert in 2017. Tom, with a long and storied history of white supremacy and attacking anti-fascists, will be sentenced September 30. Read our dossier on Christensen here.

Interestingly, in the Chicago Sun-Times article about Tom’s sentencing a familiar, annoying name pops up:

Who’s that Nick Stiso? More than just a poser punk who’s only claim to fame is that he was a background extra in the SLC Punk movie sequel. (That’s right, the 1998 hit movie had a sleeper sequel which came out in 2016 and he’s in a few crowd scenes)


Nick Stiso was oftentimes accompanying Tom Christensen and Adam Richard Glenn, but not cool enough to star in the embarrassing Chicago Proud Boys Sabotage video. He’s a member who operates quietly, often executing missions on behalf of Tom’s commands-Nick Stiso. Most of the time, he is tasked with either scoping out leftist spaces to try to doxx leftists, committing acts of petty vandalism, or outright targeted acts of violence.

Nick Stiso first came onto our radar as a member of Patriot Front as part of the Unicorn Riot discord chat leaks. For the unfamiliar, Patriot Front is white nationalist hate group which is explicitly anti-immigration and extremely xenophobic. From the SPLC files:

Nick’s contributions are minor and unimpactful, but do show clear evidence of him meeting up with others and hanging up white nationalist flyers in Chicago.  His messages are stored on the Unicorn Riot Discord Leaks here and here, or pictured below.

when Nick Stiso was going by Nick – IL

and then when Nick Stiso changed his screen name

Southern Poverty Law Center breaks down the meaning behind Neo-Nazi slogans and chants in this article. SPLC writes, “Blood and Soil” points towards a specifically Neo-Nazi “nativist and eliminationist agenda.” The phrase was phrase was specifically used by the third reich, you can see for example the phrase written here in german. Notice also the resemblance between the image used in the “Resurrection through Insurrection” eagle and the Reichsadler used by Nazi Germany.

In the Patriot Front, Discord leaks we were able to see Nick Stiso brag about putting up “Resurrection through Insurrection,” “Not Stolen Conquered” and various other Patriot Front / Blood and Soil posters with his chud friend “Smiter” aka Conor Ryan.

Through Discord chats, we can also find Nick’s connection to user Hussar aka Jacob Zak. About a year ago while Nick was walking four miles in the snow in the dark to “beat some ass”, in May of 2018 Zak’s home was raided and five semi-automatic weapons and four boxes of firearm ammunition were found in his Vernon Hills, IL home. Read the article here. You can watch the 12 minute youtube video of Nick’s rage-walk if you’re feeling sickly curious, but it is a very skippable 12 minute long ramble looking up Nick’s nose. We watched it -and downloaded it-so you don’t have to; just more endless thankless everyday hero antifascist shit.

Nick became a Proud Boy sometime soon after sending out this desperate tweet August 18th 2018 wherein for some unknown reason he included his full name and location.

Ever the Cancer sun & Scorpio moon, Nick is sensitive enough to self-censor his hate filled twitter outbursts but is still driven enough by impotent misogynistic rage to watch & like videos of a 14 year old Linda Blair playing a rape victim gagging on youtube with caption “#sexy.” The same film features an extremely young looking Blair being sexually assaulted by foreign objects. 
How do we know this is indeed Nick’s YouTube account? Of course Nick used his real name and a pic of himself in military uniform. Click here to see all his youtube likes including Gag World. Semper Fi!
His parents Nicholas and Ruth Stiso live in the wholesome cesspool La Grange Park, Illinois. Nick spends his time playing drums in a shitty pop punk band and in seemingly the proudest moment of his life works at Taco Bell in Westchester, Illinois. His employment was easy enough to verify just by calling various locations and asking for Nick Stiso. As always we abide by the parameters of this platform by not posting any personal information but you can find more info here.
Remember earlier that Nick Stiso defended another violent psychopath he calls a friend, Tom Christensen, to Chicago SunTimes reporters.
In the most recent article detailing “nice guy…laidback” Tom’s conviction for aggravated battery for stabbing a fellow concertgoer at Northerly Island, Nick describes the Proud Boys as a  “fraternity” that is often misidentified as a violent white nationalist or white power group. That’s the same group that worked with neo-nazi group American Guard and the Chicago FOP to hold a white supremacist rally outside of the Cook County Courthouse against Kim Foxx. You can read all about it in this Sun-Times article 


Wonder how all that got misconstrued.
Anyways, in addition to running his mouth, Nick Stiso currently runs the Chicago PB twitter, with a whopping 19 followers:
Nick served himself up to us so readily we thought maybe he’s a Fed or kkkop so we almost didn’t waste our time, but we couldn’t refuse such a beautiful invitation.
Ok, nick. 

Nick, okay!

Feel free to email Nick this article: He’s or shout him out on twitter @Nick89139529 or @chicago_pbs. You can also let his parents know! We think they’d appreciate the heads up the white supremacist sleeping in their home.

As always, if you have any tips about Nick Stiso, his crew, or any other fascists, reach out to us at

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