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Patriot Front propaganda clean up: Lockport IL

In January 2022, Unicorn Riot independent media collective posted a massive leak of American fascist group Patriot Front’s internal servers which included tons of personally identifying information, unredacted face pics, as well as explicit plannings of hate crimes. Identified members of the hate group, image galleries, and other helpful resources can be found at […]

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Logan Plank aka Patriot Front member Clarke IL, an STL-area, Sheet Metal union (SMART 36) applicant, son of Wood River, IL councilman Jeremy Plank and Bethalto teacher Tiffany Plank

Logan Plank of Wood River, Illinois is also known as Clarke IL, a member of Patriot Front, a violent white supremacist group, as proved by their internal documents leaked today by Unicorn Riot. Patriot Front was founded in the aftermath of 2017’s deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The fascist who drove his […]

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#EpikFail: Christopher Lee Anseeuw aka fashwave music producer Teknein & 86Dresden of East Moline, IL

A big thank-you to the comrades near and far, throughout the years, tracking these white nationalists wherever they hide. You’re seen and appreciated!  Teknein (pronounced “teak-nine”) first came on to our radar ahead of the national White Lives Matter march in April of this year. White Lives Matter was the failed event that was first […]

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LEAKED: Inside the Chicago ‘White Lives Matter’ rally planning Telegram channels

Antifascist comrades around the country mobilized to disrupt the explicit white nationalist public rally and Chicago was no different. As first reported by dear comrades at Corvallis Against Fascism, this “Sunday 4/11/21, White Nationalists are expected to mobilize in a “White Lives Matter” march in several cities across the country. This event was organized on […]

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Playing both sides: ‘Heathen Jon’ Alexander Argumendo, antifa snitch collaborating with Revolt Thru Tradition, Chicagoland #StoptheSteal Back the Blue events, & Shield Wall Exposed operator

Buckle up your seatbelts, grab your vape, get something to hydrate yourself because this article is as complex as some WWE plotlines, although sadly without the costumes. We recognize that our audience has varying levels of knowledge about Heathen Jon Alexander Argumedo of Kilbourn Park, in Chicago IL, so we’ve broken up this mega article […]

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“Back the Blue Events” organizer couple James Michael Andrews (aka James Anderson) & Ashley Noel Ramos of Bradley, IL

In the wild year that has been 2020, few things have stood out more than a small but troublesome influx of pro-cop and anti-protester rhetoric and ad-hoc groups popping up as resistance to Black Lives Matter and police murders of unarmed black citizens. But here we are, wrapping up the year going on a deep […]

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“The balloon has gone up:” Spotlight on members of IL WTP III% Patriot Militia, IL Sons of Liberty militia & new IL recruits

Panic! in the Discord is teaming up with old friends, John Belushi Antifa and Chicago Anti-Fascist Action plus new comrades Anne Frank Army (their Twitter) and Shield Wall Chicago (their Twitter) for this lightning round of dossier publication. Currently, we’re identifying all the IL militia networks, thanks to a ton of help from a Threeper […]

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Kahl O’Dournian, nasty racist troll, admin of Make Americans American Again + Make Women Women Again aka Kyle Dean Dornan of Maharishi International University in Fairfield IA

Special thanks to the tipsters who sent this our way! Have you ever stumbled across some armpit of social media then wonder, wtf who would even make this? That was our experience as we dove into the 8chan troll who’s migrated platforms to pollute Facebook. The Facebook page of Kahl O’Dournian is overlaid with racist, […]

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Jason David Finney, member of white nationalist Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement, Chicago 43rd Ward GOP Committeeperson, & analyst at RJ O’Brien

Once upon the “before times” of the COVID19 pandemic, the Illinois GOP finally and shockingly stood up for what’s right when Holocaust-denier & Nazi Art Jones hopped on the ballot for Congressman Dan Lipinski’s seat for the second time in recent years: “GOP leaders are endorsing Mike Fricilone and are launching a campaign against his […]

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Travis Beau Golie: Charlatan of the White Lives Matter Movement, Patriot Front fanboy & Fash Bash 2019 speaker, living in Champaign-Urbana, IL area

February 2021 update:  Travis Golie and Ken Zrallack aka Kevin Harris, both white nationalists with ties to organized hate groups Patriot Front, White Lives Matter and New Jersey European Heritage Association, have relocated to a new home in Chrisman IL. The two men live with their children. They are currently renting 202 E Madison Ave Chrisman, […]

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