Travis Beau Golie: Charlatan of the White Lives Matter Movement, Patriot Front fanboy & Fash Bash 2019 speaker, living in Champaign-Urbana, IL area

February 2021 update:  Travis Golie and Ken Zrallack aka Kevin Harris, both white nationalists with ties to organized hate groups Patriot Front, White Lives Matter and New Jersey European Heritage Association, have relocated to a new home in Chrisman IL. The two men live with their children. They are currently renting 202 E Madison Ave Chrisman, IL 61924, which belongs to Theresa and Robert Johnson, potentially managed by their son Brandon, all of whom can be politely notified of their tenants’ ideologies here:;; 


August 2020 original content, address and landlord information updated: 
Travis Beau Golie has long lived in the shadow of his best friend and possible FBI snitch, Kenneth Gary Zrallack who we outed as a member of Patriot Front, founder of Battalion14/CT White Wolves and White Lives Matter movement, member of North East White Power, New Jersey European Heritage Association, and the KKK. Travis has been a part of various white nationalist front groups including Nationalist Movement and White Lives Matter. He has distributed white supremacist literature in support of White Lives Matter, terror group Patriot Front, and New Jersey Heritage Association with Ken Zrallack. They currently live in the small town of Chrisman, IL in the Champaign-Urbana area with his son and daughter, and Ken’s child.
Born in October 1982, Travis struggles for relevancy because his money-making schemes often fall apart, he is frequently denounced and mistrusted by factions of the white nationalist movement, he’s constantly de-platformed, and resorts to throwing white power flyers out of cars in an attempt to recruit new members with Ken. How do we know all of this? 


On Stormfront, a white nationalist internet forum for white supremacists to post articles, engage in discussions, and share news of upcoming racist events Ken tells us. We archived his post, so no one has to visit that cesspool of a website:

But how are we sure that Ken is user B14USA? We explain the trail in his article.

What is White Lives Matter?
As a very racist response to Black Lives Matter, the movement White Lives Matter pops up claiming to be started by numerous individuals across the country, including Rebecca Barnett, Doug Chism, Ken Reed, Ken/Kevin Harris aka Ken Zrallach, John Camden, plus support from the now-defunct Traditionalist Workers Party, organized groups Golden State Skins and Keystone United skinhead fan club.


We definitely know that Travis’s roommate Ken is “Damien Natas” on Facebook, as we prove in Ken’s dossier and it’s obviously the same person in both pics. The second photo being from a clipping from CT Post‘s article.


White Lives Matter is a messy network, as Antifash Gordon explains but one thing remains clear, and it’s that Ken and his roommate Travis are involved with the racist flyering. Ken (as Damian) even posted pics on his Facebook!
On the WLM website, run by Rebecca Barnett, they explain their mission as “The fiber and integrity our nation was founded on is being unraveled … [by] homosexuality and [racially] mix[ed] relationships. Illegal immigration, healthcare, housing, welfare, employment, education, social security, our children, our veterans and active military and their rights … are the issues we face as white Americans. The laws and immoral orders the current [Obama] administration are passing are drastically … targeting everything the white way of life holds dear.”


Through multiple attempts to fundraise, Travis and Ken use their online, public auctions of a black prisoner-of-war flag and other extremist’s collectibles with questionable authenticity to help them print and distribute thousands of White Lives Matter flyers throughout the United States, tucked in plastic bags and weighed down with rocks, only to be thrown away by neighbors annoyed at the litter. More to come on the White Power movement’s response to Ken and Travis selling the items and the state of their genuineness.


Travis’s Struggles for Legitimacy
Travis has been kicking around the fringes of the white nationalist movement for decades, becoming First Officer in the Nationalist Movement group:
Appearing as First Officer, Travis rants some racist nonsense while rocking an unfortunate hairstyle on a YouTube knockoff channel:

Nationalist Movement was a white supremacist organization that strangely doesn’t have much written about it. Must not have been a big deal. We were only able to easily dig up this wiki on them:

For a taste of what Nationalist Movement is about, check out their posts:

  • Here’s their angry response when the Governor of Connecticut (where Ken Zrallack is from) came out against the KKK and said “Klan, you are not welcome in this state, no one in their right mind wants you here.”
  • Travis pens a very racist poem about minorities in the US, which includes the verses, “We let them stay in our homeland./Yet they fought against us by the Marxist plan./We even showered them with government aide./And on our way of life they did parade.”
  • A 32-point Nationalist Code of Conduct, also authored by Travis, which includes the recommendations that white supremacists
    • “8. Be propelled by truth, not just knee-jerk belief.
    • 21. Never hold a grudge against a fellow-Nationalist.
    • 23. Reproduce at a high rate and support your kindred who do likewise.
    • 30. Use proper hygiene, remain well-groomed, and be clean-shaven.”

According to the clumsily-written National Speaker blog post, it appears that Nationalist Movement joined the Nationalist Initiative in 1983 but it was only revealed in 2013 after discovering that the previous leaders had signed a charter uniting the white power groups.  It appears as though this happened during Golie’s presidency which was endorsed by former NM president Thomas Reiter, who, amusingly, had a LinkedIn showcasing his position within the white power movement, which we have archived here. The timing of the collab is interesting, as the merging with Nationalist Initiative takes place during Golie’s presidency, but it appears as though nothing happened afterwards, as the blog posts stop and the parent website has been relegated to an outdated library of racist PDFs. We wonder what happened to all of the Nationalist Movement assets after the white nationalist group ceased operations in 2016, making Travis’s presidency the last. We dug up his Twitter, abandoned since 2016, like many of his projects as we will learn. 

Travis Golie’s Nationalist Initiative is not to be confused with former Traditionalist Workers Party diehard Tony Hovator’s failed attempt at rebranding the group, also called Nationalist Initiative, per comrades at Unicorn Riot in their extensive coverage of white nationalist organizations.

It looks like Travis violated his own extensive Nationalist Movement Code of Conduct, getting tangled up with the law in a whole mess of drunk driving arrests, once while driving his work truck and then his boss forged cop paperwork to get the truck back (the company has since closed down) and literal highway robbery
Travis served time in Iowa where, with the help of Rev. Railton D. Loy of the Church of National Knights, who is also an imperial wizard with the KKK, he converted to Christianity. Rev Loy and a small contingent of the KKK rallied outside of his penitentiary to protest Travis’s claim that he was not receiving the KKK Rev’s mail, per Mississippi Valley Publishing press coverage.
Since then, Travis has publicly supported Rick Tyler, a small potatoes fascist chud for elected office. Don’t worry, Rick is not on the ballot for 2020 but he has high hopes for 2024.  Travis left a comment of support, using his real name and with his “white lives matter” slogan, his account which resolves to Nationalist, that parent website full of grainy PDFs. The website was archived in 2017, offering a glimpse back in time, you’re welcome to compare to 2020’s archived snapshot

Travis as Speaker at Fash Bash 2019, with dozens of attendees
Poking around in Travis’s Stormfront account, we easily find a link to a video of him speaking at Fash Bash in 2019. We archived the Stormfront post here, so no one has to visit that armpit. Fash Bash is exactly what it sounds like: a bunch of white nationalist chuds getting together to talk about how everyone other than themselves are to blame for their crappy existences. The event, which took place on Adolph Hitler’s birthday, was organized by disavowed Proud Boy Jovanni Valle, aka “Jovi Val.” You might know Jovi from planning such failed events as Unite the Right 2 in 2018, where under a few dozen chumps turned up in DC to a crowd of thousands of counter-protesters. Why was Jovi disavowed by the Proud Boys? For hosting rallies in support of convicted neo-Nazis James Alex Fields and eventually convicted white supremacists Benjamin Daley, Michael Miselis, Thomas Gillen, Cole White aka “The RAM 5” as reported in this ProPublica piece, an It’s Going Down article and a deeper dive by Ford Fischer. 


Fash Bash 2019 took place in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, and was streamed on a YouTube channel called “Goyz in da Hood” until the account was terminated. The video of Fash Bash’s second day speeches can be found on this bitchute and we have it saved locally in case the cowards decide to remove the video. Rightwatch and Idavox both reported on the event ahead of its debut. 
Some stills from the video:
Do note comrades pointing out that months later, Jovi was rocking the same swastika necklace and bearing the same flag of Reichsadler eagle grasping a sonnenrad, all fascist iconography. We truly hope the eggs ruined everything.

For those unaware, the sonnenrad or “Black Sun” is an image that the WWII Nazis used in homage to Aryan heritage, and is embraced by neo-Nazis and other white supremacists in the U.S. and overseas. For more information on the sonnenrad, see this article exploring the history of the sonnenrad as it relates to mass murderer Brenton Tarrant and his manifesto, which had the symbol on its cover.


Against the backdrop of the Nazi imagery, Jan Lamprecht, a self-identified Rhodesian and virulent racist, spoke about the plight of the white Afrikaans in Zimbabwe. Jan has had his rhetoric ripped apart by some questionable bloggers and then this piece, which disproves Jan’s idiotic positions based on oversimplification of data, which was based on inaccuracies.  Our favorite quote about Jan is “Frankly I would be more concerned about his site if he had more than a handful of readers, but he doesn’t, thank god for small mercies,” from that odd blog site. [CW if you check it out, lots of descriptions of white people torturing people.] 


Fash Bash also featured disgraced former lecturer at UBC in Vancouver, Canada, Brian Ruhe. Brian has been known cosplay as Adolp Hitler, speak about “Angel Hitler,” the Rothchilds as lizard people and other anti-Semitic plots, the new Thule society, and other unhinged theories. In fact, he was even outed from his position following a bizarre series of emails about his support of Students for Freedom of Expression (SFE) (think the Canadian version of the College Republicans) and their guest speaker, archived here. Also Brian has a lot to share about Fash Bash, in his own words, which we have archived here. There’s more about Brian but we prefer to let him do the talking about his fascist, racist beliefs, which do not intersect with Buddhism, no matter how many times he mediates with Angel Hitler.


Travis finally makes his way to the makeshift stage, where he stomps on a flag of Israel, explained that he has doesn’t have any regrets about being so open in the white nationalist movement, passed out flyers of information about incarcerated neo-nazis, encourages others to get more involved in the white nationalist movement including his Whites-Only charity and White Lives Matter, then invites his small child and the other speakers on stage where they all do “Seig Heil” salutes. Overall, Travis’s speech is long, boring and overly personal, which is amusing as he’s so reviled in the broader white nationalist movement.
From all accounts, the neo-nazi, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic speakers scraped from the bottom of fascist barrel had a good time. But given the amount of clapping heard from the audience, one can only conclude that Jovi’s event was poorly attended. Which must be bad news for all the flyers Travis had printed.


White Lives Scammers, denouncement by White Power factions
So what is this Whites-Only charity Travis runs? We first hear about Community First Outreach on Stormfront, (archived here) in 2015, where Travis, posting under his real name because of course, talks about their projects and links to Community First Outreach youtube, which has since been terminated, presumably for white nationalist content:
According to Travis’s post, his charity issued a challenge and ended up helping dozens upon dozens of different charities, Battalion 14, and The Nationalist Movement. It’s not clear if his charity helped charities in addition to Battalion 14 and the Nationalist Movement or only helped those two organizations but what’s fascinating is at that time, his current roommate Ken Zrallack was head of Battalion 14 and he, Travis, was president of the Nationalist Movement. It sounds like Travis was fundraising from the white nationalist movement…for himself and his best friend.


Further, the Community First Outreach website is defunct and many of his fundraisers have been removed but we were able to locate this one from 2017, which was deactivated after raising $445 for Jill Tucker, we archived it in case he takes it down. The GoFundMe links to a youtube video whose content has since been terminated.


In digging a little deeper, we are unable to confirm that indeed Community First Outreach is a legit nonprofit, with IRS tax-exempt status and an EIN. Which makes sense, as charities have to submit paperwork about their vision, goals, and metrics, along with accounting for the spending of donations and it looks like Travis was just using the funds to help himself.


We were finally able to track down Travis and Community First Outreach on that hellsite Gab, archived here, where he posted from May to November 2017. Most of his posts were a combination of auctioning items for money, begging for donations to his since-suspended paypal account, and bragging about the white power propaganda he was involved in spreading.


Some gems are below:

Do take note of the fourth image of the “Kevis Harris,” a known alias of Ken Zrallack, who we’re also sick of talking about. See his full article on this website for how we connected “Ken Harris” to “Damien Natas” to Ken Zrallack. 

And finally, on Gab, Travis is selling or auctioning off what he claims are rare WWII (read: Nazi) collectibles like an armband, an Iron Cross, a patch plus an antique coin and a gemstone. Do remember that Travis’s predecessor in Nationalist Movement was President Thomas Reiter and it’s noted that he saved the white nationalist assets like property. After Travis’s presidency and the Nationalist Movement ceased operations, what happened to the property? It certainly looks like Travis is selling off white nationalist movement historical items then pumping money into his and Ken Zrallack’s pockets.


And we aren’t the only ones who noticed. Susan Yarborough nee Hillman noticed. She’s the widow of Gary Yarborough, the security chief and staunch member of The Order/Bruder Schweigen, a white supremacist organization that funded their operations by robbing banks and armored trucks with the intention of splitting the United States along racial lines, plus the group murdered Alan Berg, a Jewish talk show host in Denver, looking to create a race war where white people would setting up a separate country in the Pacific Northwest. Gary died in federal prison in April 2018.
In fact, Susan posted about Kevin Harris/Ken Zrallack and Travis Golie selling fake relics from the white nationalist movement. We’ve archived it here, in case she takes down her article.

The Richard Scutari she reached out to about the flag is another The Order/Bruder Schweigen member serving time in a federal prison for his involvement. He also claims that Ken and Travis are trying to scam them.

Back to Susan, who, in 2019, eventually writes a full dossier on Ken and Travis, outing their real names, their fake Facebook names, their criminal histories including where Ken may have turned federal informant, their nonprofit charity scams, Ken’s family troubles, their partying and degenerate ways, and denouncing them from the White Lives Matter and white nationalist movement. We’ve archived it here, in case it’s removed.


Why does she air their dirty laundry? Vengeance for Ken and Travis signing her up for telemarketer calls.


Just how disavowed by the white nationalist movement is Travis? Well, David Lane, that author of the infamous “14 Words,” and another member of The Order/Bruder Schweigen wrote an article calling Travis ‘Travesty Golie’ and warned others not work with him, or the first president of Nationalist Movement, Richard Barrett. The article is archived here.
The SPLC has a deeper recap of the drama, including language from the promo video, another disavowal, and Travis’s response. In the 2018 article, Travis explains that funds went to White Lives Matter flyers in eight states, and he specifically named Kansas, Wisconsin, Indiana, New York and Illinois.
Which seems like flyering is all he’s been up to since, per a report from No Space for Hate Bloomington about him and Ken littering fascist propaganda in Terre Haute, Ind, that alleged Klan hotbed, as recently as July 2020. 


Patriot Front in Champaign-Urbana
In keeping with their one trick, Ken and Travis posted Reopen IL/Patriot Front propaganda over Memorial Day 2020 downtown in Champaign, IL and then posted it on his Damien Natas Facebook. For more pics and how we got Ken, see his article here.


Patriot Front is a rebrand of Vanguard America, the fascist organization which included the membership of the man responsible for accelerating his car into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, VA in 2017. James Alex Fields killed Heather Heyer and injured dozens more using his vehicle as a weapon after the Unite the Right white supremacist rally. Media outlet ProPublica examined hundreds of online postings, interviewed a person who infiltrated the group, obtained police records, reviewed its leader’s public statements online and in a variety of far-right podcasts, collected video material recorded both by the group and members of the public, and traveled to the homes of its founder and two of the members who had recently been arrested. Their article is here and authors were doxxed and threatened with death by Patriot Front members and supporters.

Computer, enhance and compare ear shapes, which as unique as fingerprints:

Same shape, size and wrinkle!


Also do note the similarity of dress style from the Fash Bash video and above. Similar checkered overshirt with some America propaganda?


Check. It’s a match! 

Cleverness aside, Patriot Front is a dangerous neo-fascist accelerationist organization headed by Thomas Rousseau, who’s obsessed with ‘optics’ and public image. Recently, a dismal turnout of Patriot Front members potentially including Ken and Travis, marched in Chicago during the wee hours of July 5. The entire failure is unpacked in the It’s Going Down article “I Thought A Few Guys Might Cry”: narrated by an antifascist who has snuck into Patriot Front’s organization.

Action Items

Due to the publishing requirements of this platform, we are unable to share personal information like home address and phone numbers. But! We can link to a separate site where that information is hosted. So what can we do about the dangerous neo-nazis in Central Illinois? We are so glad you asked! There are a few things we can all do to make sure community members are aware of the situation.


  • Spread this article far and wide! The University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and Southern Illinois is a huge area with a diverse student population. Folks need to know Kenneth Gary Zrallack aka Ken Zrall aka Ken Harris and Travis Beau Golie lurking in the Chrisman area. And also feel free to take any of this information and whip up a flyer or social media post to get the word out


  • Kindly tell Ken and Travis’s new landlords at 202 E Madison Ave Chrisman, IL 61924, that their tenants are white supremacist terrorist cell members in addition to being white nationalists. They are renting from homeowners Theresa and Robert Johnson, the property potentially managed by their son Brandon. Please be polite as the Johnsons most likely has no idea who Ken and Travis are and the ideology which they espouse:

[Editor’s note: in Ken’s article, we incorrectly identified all three children in their Chrisman, IL house as Ken’s children. We are able to confirm that the oldest boy and the daughter are Travis’s children after reviewing accounts from Fash Bash where guests make mention of the son and his Gab account where he mentions his daughter. We regret the error and have added this note to Ken’s article as well.]

Antifascism is community defense! If you have any additional tips about Kenneth, Travis or other fascists in Southern Illinois or elsewhere, please send them to or DM them to our comrades at @discord__panic on Twitter
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