Kahl O’Dournian, nasty racist troll, admin of Make Americans American Again + Make Women Women Again aka Kyle Dean Dornan of Maharishi International University in Fairfield IA

Special thanks to the tipsters who sent this our way!

Have you ever stumbled across some armpit of social media then wonder, wtf who would even make this? That was our experience as we dove into the 8chan troll who’s migrated platforms to pollute Facebook.

The Facebook page of Kahl O’Dournian is overlaid with racist, homophobic, anti-trans, anti-Semitic rhetoric and imagery is intermingled with a very wrongheaded interpretation of author George Orwell’s ideas. Let’s set the record straight: lifelong socialist Orwell fought in the Spanish Civil War against Franco’s fascism and would have no part of this Kahl chud’s hatred of Jews and people of color. Like read Orwell’s book Homage to Catalonia before besmirching his name on a crappy Facebook page. It’s entirely possible that Kahl will delete or disable his Facebook page in order to avoid being held accountable. We have taken screenshots of his account and the account he admins.

CW: racist, transphobic, misogynistic, anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic content



Clearly, Kahl propagates the longest held white supremacist trope: the conspiracy theory of “white genocide” or “Great Replacement/Great Replacement Theory.”

As explained by the ADL: “‘White Genocide’ is a term coined by white supremacists for propaganda purposes as shorthand for one of the most deeply held modern white supremacist convictions: that the white race is ‘dying’ due to growing non-white populations and ‘forced assimilation,’ all of which are deliberately engineered and controlled by a Jewish conspiracy to destroy the white race. This same conviction can be seen in the so-called ‘14 Words‘ the most popular white supremacist slogan around the globe: ‘We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.’ [Editors note: We link to the ADL with some hesitation and include this critique of them and their work to be considered equally]” For further reading on the white nationalist conspiracy theory on “white genocide,” see articles from Jacobin and Irish Times.

In addition to perpetuating the White Genocide lie,  Kahl supports and shares the Estoteric Hitlerism myth that just won’t die about Hitler & Co relocating to Antartica. Especially troubling is that Kahl seems supportive of the Nazis supposed actions, up to and including how they kidnapped 1 million Ukrainian women to be raped and forced to bear children. The German Base on Antartica myth has long been debunked by researchers and war historians.

First there’s the appearance of Pepe the Frog, a pin of whom white nationalist Richard Spencer was wearing when he was punched at Trump’s inauguration. Pepe has become the face of the rising new white supremacy aka the Alt-Right, although that term isn’t used as pervasively as it once was. The Telegraph offers a deep dive into Pepe and its creator’s journey to wrestle the cartoon away from the fascists.

Further, we get a glimpse of Kahl’s face with his worship of Kek the frog, a symbol of the white nationalist movement. Kek, as the SPLC explains, is “Kek, in the alt-right’s telling, is the ‘deity’ of the semi-ironic ‘religion’ the white nationalist movement has created for itself online – partly for amusement, as a way to troll liberals and self-righteous conservatives both, and to make a kind of political point. He is a god of chaos and darkness, with the head of a frog, the source of their memetic ‘magic,’ to whom the alt-right and Donald Trump owe their success, according to their own explanations.”

And do note the mention of “mala” which a string of prayer beads commonly used in Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Shintō and other traditions for the spiritual practice known in Sanskrit as japa.

Kahl posted a screenshot of his Facebook dashboard complaining about how leftists found his page and doxxed his supporters (lol)


Thanks to our superpowers of close reading, we zoomed all the way in and noticed that he’s an admin for the  Make Woman Women Again, a gross racist, transphobic, anti-abortion, and anti-women Facebook page, which has its own private group/fan club called Make Americans American Again, presumably of which Kahl is admin as well. No telling what’s in Kahl’s MAAA group as it’s private but if peeking in on MWWA is any indication, everyone is going to need eye bleach and cuddles with doggos afterwards.


Back to Kahl’s personal Facebook, where his “likes” are typical of the slow slide down the insidious pipeline of libertarianism to white nationalism and even further, as explored by Daily Beast. We encourage readers to check out the cautionary tale of libertarian Katie McHugh’s journey to Alt-Right darling ahead of perusing Kahl’s interests:


Kahl fancies himself a media personality and has at times, broadcast his rambles of hatred to the internet and his followers. None of his arguments or thoughts are particularly interesting or compelling: the mishmash rehash of 4chan or 8chan messages muddied by someone who isn’t smart enough to parse reality. But Kahl’s videos do provide what will become a key identifier: his voice.

In the circumstance that Kahl decides to delete his facebook to escape accountability, don’t worry, we’ve archived his videos, from left to right. You can find them at the link:

Just who is this Kahl chud anyways? We have his face, we have his voice. Surely we can connect the dots, right? You better believe we did:

Hi Kyle Dean Dornan, we got your face! This 30-year-old white nationalist is last known to be living in Fairfield IA and you bet there’s more info to come.



Compare his pics of now to then:


And we got his voice, where he’s asking for money to study abroad:

Which we can easily compare to one of his videos, archived from his Facebook videos page. In the above video, he mentions learning Transcendental Meditation from Joliet Junior College and craving an opportunity to study with Maharaj in Guru Purnima. The only place this sort of study is offered is Maharishi International University in Fairfield IA, which Kyle Dornan conveniently mentions he has moved to in order to work for a university.

And finally, on the Jefferson County IA Libertarian’s Facebook page, Kyle tells us himself that he is Kahl O’Dournian and a proud libertarian:

So where is Kyle Dean Dornan nowadays? His last known address was on Main Street in Fairfield IA. Thanks to some pics on the publicly available Realtor.com site, we were able compare what appears to be the reflection of kitchen cabinets in one of his videos to the Realtor pics of the Main Street house:. It’s a little hard to tell but the kitchen appears to be a match. We wouldn’t bet our Soros check on it though so any further information would be helpful.

We are 95% sure Kyle Dornan still lives at the Main Street house, as there hasn’t been any new addresses listed for him since moving to Fairfield in 2015. The Main Street house is owned by Rosemary 1916 LLC:

On a Facebook pic from 10/16/2020, Kyle Dornan mentions his classmates’ reaction to him wearing a MAGA hat. We have determined that he continues to attend Maharishi International University and it may be possible that Kyle is living there.

Due to the publishing requirements of this platform, we can’t reveal personal information like phone numbers, emails and address. However, we can link to a separate website where that info is hosted. Speaking of personal information, when Kyle was 23 and celebrating the Hawks winning the Stanley Cup, he passed out on some tracks and miraculously survived being hit by train, as reported in the Morris Herald-News. At the time, Kyle credited the power of prayer and the support of his family as being instrumental in his recovery. We hope Kyle can rely on the same support structure to leave white nationalism.

Until he chooses to leave hatred behind, let’s hold him accountable for his beliefs, words and actions:

Action items: Report report report

  • Do let Maharishi International University know that their student Kyle Dean Dornan is a vile racist and anti-Semite who supports repopulation by rape. You can reach out to them via
  • We believe Bob Ducasse to be Kyle’s landlord. Bob is registered agent for the property management Rosemary 1916 LLC that owns the Main Street house where we believe Kyle to be living. Give Bob a polite call at (504) 343-2472 and give him the heads-up about Kyle Dean Dornan. And please do let us know if Bob offers any insight.
  • Pop over to Facebook and report Kyle’s racist, transphobic, anti-women, anti-Semitic anti-Muslim Facebook group and pages, following the naming convention of MAGA: Make Women Women Again and Make Americans Americans Again
  • Then report Kyle’s Kahl O’Dournian Facebook page for hate speech

There isn’t any room for white nationalists like Kyle Dean Dornan on Facebook and we hope that Maharishi International University feels the same.

We keep us safe! If you have any additional tips about Kyle or other fascists in Ilinois, Chicago or elsewhere, please send them to antifascistchicago at riseup dot net or DM to our friends on Twitter @discord__panic

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