Meet Jonathan Alexander Argumedo aka Jon Heathen aka John Alexander, leader of “Anti-AntiFa Chicago”

Have you seen some shitty home-printed stickers like these barely hanging on a few light poles or red eye stands in Chicago and wondered “who….would do this? who is pro-fascism?”

Have you seen a Facebook page promoting violence against people who work to resist the rising tide of white nationalism and wondered, “Who would support fascism?”

Well, you’re about to find out who.

Look no further than this smirking chud: Jonathan Alexander Argumedo aka John Heathen aka John Alexander, the leader of Anti-Antifa Chicago. Anti-anti-fascism,  according to the rule of double negatives in the English language, means that you are just a supporter of fascism. From the pics below, it’s clear that John Alexander Argumedo is indeed a fascist.


From his Facebook.

John Alexander Argumedo aka Jon Heathen is the main person responsible for the Anti-AntiFa Chicago Facebook page  posting outdated information about people who aren’t even involved in fash tracking or resistance. There a few others who work with him digging up old info and we’ll get to them in the next post, but back to John. Born on February 20, 1991, this 28-year-old has long been involved in the tiny fascist scene in Chicago, we even found his old doxx from Southside ARA from 2012! We definitely recommend reading that first. His old phone number might work too.

Unsurprisingly, it seems like John Alexander Argumedo is the same Nazi chud he’s always been. We surmise that it makes sense, since John is still obsessed with the 1990s oi and hardcore music scene, especially the Rock Against Communism Fest. Like, that’s not even a thing any more. And it was in England. And the bands weren’t good.

Ironically, despite the white supremacist myth that their detractors live in their parents’ basement, John Alexander Argumedo lives with his grandmother Lisa Ann Argumedo at 4405 W Roscoe in Kilbourn Park.


Source:, note that the site is updated quarterly, so his age will update to 28 on the site in the coming months.

This genius posted anti-antifa stickers with razors stuck to the backs at the park directly across the street from his grandma’s place. That’s Kilbourn Park for those keeping track at home. The house he stays at is in the name of Elias C Garcia. Relationship to the Argumedos is unknown, but assumed that Elias is their landlord. 

No, thanks. We have enough friends who aren’t fascists.
Fascist trash still looks like shit, even in nature.
Do you know the other Nazis in the photo? Hit us up!

The big jabroni in the middle is wearing a shirt from a white power band. The band sings about the holocaust, English superiority, and the common theme of immigration. What’s notable about this is that John Alexander Argumedo bragged that he was the contact person for “Blood & Honour” and “C-18” which was started by the same lead singer from the above mentioned band in the 1980s and titled after the slogan of the Hitler Youth (Also! Note the similarity of the slogan to another white supremacist group called Patriot Front. They use the ‘Blood and Soil’ slogan). Blood and Honour is yet another SPLC-designated hate group but it’s unclear if they’re still active in the US.

In case you’re curious about what John Alexander Argumedo looks like hiding his face, here it is. Great opsec, folks! No wonder you’re trying to doxx people from 2014.
Back to that great operational security, dear reader, if you recognize anyone in Alexander Argumedo’s public Facebook friend list, let us know! We’ve got quite a few of them already mapped out.

Since John Alexander Argumedo loves English fascists like Blood and Honour, do like the comrades across the pond and be sure to toss a milkshake his way.

Anti-Antifa Chicago fascists: if you’re reading this- this is only the beginning. You have not doxxed any of us, nor will you. You have fucked around, and now you are about to find out.

If you have any tips on his place of employment, feel free to drop us a line at