Natasha Veronica Devine (née Thompson) of Fightwing, a White Nationalist Org based in Peoria, IL

Usually we dive right into the compiled information for whichever unlucky chud who landed on our radar for their involvement with the now-defunct “Anti-Antifa Chicago” Facebook page. This time, this article gets a content warning for having as much fascist crap on her sprawling internet presence as any 8chan board.

Meet Natasha Veronica Devine aka Natasha Veronica Thompson! Click on thru for more alt-right, far-right, nationalist crap than you can shake a stick at.

We take a deep look at anyone who follows and likes Anti-Antifa pages, (especially because in Chicago these idiots are outing people who aren’t even involved), being that Anti-Antifa is just code for pro-fascist. Often, we find a deeper, darker trail leading us to outing more white supremacists. Almost always, we find people organizing under the banner of  Resist Marxism, Asastru Folk Assembly, or Anti-Communism. This leads us to Natasha Veronica Thompson.

Natasha Devine (née Thompson) and her husband Jason Andrew Devine have been kicking around the Chicago punk and skinhead scene since the 90s when they would throw their weight around at younger bands, demanding stage time and merch table space.

She has an extensive internet history of singing for crappy oi bands, but we’re only only going to focus on the main ones. Its really sad when fascists try to steal from art and music that we really like and is otherwise pretty cool, like punk, oi, ska and reggae. Reclaiming our art and spaces from fascism and colonialism is critical to our mutual survival. This is why we do this work. That being said, here is her shitty band list:

  • Skullkrusher: Jason and Natasha as a two-piece, with Natasha on vocals. Ironically, their first show as Skullkrusher was at an Anti-Racist Action benefit at the Fireside Bowl. Because it’s Chicago. 
  • Gravemist: Americana/rockabilly music 
  • Deadscene: Oi!/hardcore band. Deadscene was also known as SkullkrusherWardogs & The Revenge. The band changed names three times to avoid problems with promoters in the later years, rumors were that the local ARA crew discovered they were Neo-Nazi skins and got them booted from every venue across the city.
  • King Jason and Sister Zion, one of Jason and Natasha Veronica Devine’s current projects where unsurprisingly, it appears that Natasha posits herself as a Zionist. They have a bandcamp who we will urge folks to contact to get them removed from the site for being fascists later on in this article.

Then finally, Natasha’s namesake project: Bleach Battalion, which started with Natasha & Jason as band members in the 1990s.  

Born on April 3rd, 1981, Natasha Veronica Thompson, who uses the stage name Natassja Noctis, went on to be interviewed in an obscure blog (archive) in 2010 about her oi roots. Read the comments.

Apparently, she contacted the interviewer in 2012 asking him to take this interview down because she’s embarrassed of her past admission to being queer and has found “straight life” with Jason.

A whole back and forth ensued among the commenters and the interviewer, where, eventually, the interviewer revealed that he and his wife had been doxxed by an ARA network presumably for giving a platform to Nazis. Natasha then admits that she admits she’s far-right and has gotten harassed by ARA before.

A literal google search of Bleach Battalion + Natasha turns up this gem from Buzzfile where she listed her own private information when she listed her crappy oi band as a business. We believe the address to be outdated, but it confirms her name.

By searching Bleach Battalion, Skullcrusher and Deadscene, and her own name Natasha Veronica Thompson, google lead us to mini-wiki Noctis Cultus Media (which is what her band names are listed under) we were able to locate her partner Jason, who she mentioned in the article, identified as Jason Andrew Devine and connected to her right wing organization. We searched his Facebook, where in his public profile pic, he mentions Natasha giving him a tattoo:
And before you start thinking he’s blissfully unaware of Natasha’s far-right obsessions, check out his Facebook
why do all of these chuds pose with their faces covered on their named Facebook page? buddy, you aren’t fooling anyone.
You can see that his face matches the King Jason – Sister Zion band camp photo.  Jason Andrew Devine, Natasha’s husband and father of her children, born October 1975. You’re forty three dude, give it up.
His Facebook may be found here.
Her YouTube links from Bleach Battalion have already been deplatformed from YouTube for hateful content.
Who’s that in the upper right? Oh hey Jason! We can identify you by your scraggly facial hair.

How do we know she’s been deplatformed from YouTube? She talks about it on her private Instagram, Iron Wall, which posts on her public Pinterest of all places:

According to her Pinterest, “Ms N Person” lives in Chicago but that does not match her listing of Peoria on her band-camp. It is likely that she visits Chicago via the train.

How are we sure that the Pinterest of “Ms N Person” is linked to the aliases “Hard Mod Mama”, “Iron Wall”, or “Natasha Battalion” of Bleach Battalion, which are all owned by Natasha Veronica Devine (neé Thompson)? Easy. See the post in the lower left corner?

A closer zoom in realizes it’s the same image as this one, found through a separate internet search identifying the user as Natasha Battalion. ‘Anonymous’ aliases mean nothing when you post the same content across all of your social media and link to your real name in business reports, genius.

Ok, so now that we’ve verified account identities, let’s take a deeper dive into the garbage she posts. Here’s Natasha with a Rock Against Communism flag:

It seems innocuous, if a bit weird. Who wants to uhh… rock against communism? That is until you realize Rock Against Communism is a bonehead dog whistle for white supremacy and white power music. Here is what the Anti-Defamation League has to write about Rock Against Communism:

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed about Chicago’s Anti-Antifa members, it’s that they all really like Skrewdriver (which is a shit band, politics aside). Natasha Veronica Devine holding that flag, knows exactly what message she’s sending. Skrewdriver was an oi group that broke up, and upon reuniting morphed into a far right white nationalist Rock Against Communism music group. Skrewdriver was instrumental in the set up of Blood & Honour a neo-Nazi music promotion and political group. Blood & Honour has direct links to Combat 18, a neo-Nazi terrorist group.

Members of Combat 18 are barred from joining the British Prison Service and police. Yea, they’re responsible for many deaths of immigrants, people of color, and even other Combat 18 members. Much like the Oregon Republicans in the United States who accept help from militia members for security, Combat 18 used to run security for the British National Party.

There have been recent sightings of Combat 18 stickers in Chicago. Jonathan Argumedo and Sean Dolan, two other Anti-Antifa members we previously identified both had links Blood & Honour and Combat 18. Given this information, as well as Natasha’s proximity to Rock Against Communism, we suspect that Natasha, Jonathan, Sean Dolan and a few other members we will get to unmasking soon are all part of the same Combat 18/Blood & Honour cell, committing acts of vandalism and violence and harassment as well as operating the Anti-Antifa Chicago webpage.

In case Natasha Veronica Devine’s involvement in white nationalism was ambiguous before, her Instagram pretty well sums it up. Check out the “Alt-right records” shit logo among other things.

Additionally, on her Instagram there is the following Tweet:

From who? Natasha Battalion! At @RealNatashaUSA.  Unfortunately, it looks like she wiped it, but it does link to a hashtag: #bleachbattalion, which leads us to a collection of hashtags, most notably #fightwing, which leads us to a now-familiar face at her other Twitter account (archive),

Same profile picture as her Facebook, same content as her Pinterest and Instagram, and same name as her pseudonyms and of course, mentions of the (can we really call it music?) projects we listed above. Natasha’s Fightwing account is also listed on Telegram, which for anyone unfamiliar, the platform is like Twitter but worse:

“Many of the far right’s loudest voices found themselves gravitating towards what appears to be their next digital home: an encrypted messaging app previously known as a haven for terrorist recruiters. Telegram is a platform that allows users to offer short, public-facing posts akin to a Twitter profile page. Its universe of users is much smaller, however. And its user setup makes it harder for one to grow a following”

-an article that platforms the far-right, so we won’t link to it.

She has links to Proud Boys, including where she interviews two Proud Boys. She also takes pride in getting a follow from Roger Stone, who previously asked for security detail from Proud Boys.

Currently on her twitter, Natasha likes to talk about doing harm to the parents of a young child, even though she’s the mother of a similarly-aged child.

So what’s this Fightwing in her handle all about? It’s her attempt at building a neo-Nazi brand. It’s pathetic, really. Apparently her music tastes aren’t the only thing that’s stuck in the 90s. We’re not going to link to her site, as we don’t believe in platforming it, but bask for a moment with us in the glory of her using her real phone number as a direct contact for her white nationalist site:

How do we know it’s her real phone number though? We compared it to a search on Natasha Veronica Thompson’s real name (now Devine) through a publicly available database:

Hi Natasha! You’re a Nazi!
She and Fightwing are on gab, which really speaks volumes. By her own admission on her Fightwing website, she attended the March Against Sharia in Chicago. On that day, most of Chicago turned up to tell eight chuds from the suburbs or out of state who were dressed like this
to get of the city.
yea, no this is a real thing.

Chicago wasn’t alone, the country turned up to counter protest what Natasha Veronica Devine believes was a success. Do note that Act for America, the group that organized these marches, are a designated anti-Muslim hate group.
Natasha also used to sell fascist Pinochet helicopter t-shirts on her website, before she removed all of the designs. 

We reach the end point of our discovery of Natasha Veronica Devine, formerly Thompson. Her fascist and Zionist views are explicit in her her art projects which were easy enough to find by googling that crappy reggae band where she performs under the name “Sister Zion”

She used to go by the pseudonym “Naamah Hadar
As well as “Naamah Bat-Sarah“. A queer, Jewish, woman of color who is a fascist. Now we’ve seen it all.

where does she post her fascist art? Deviant art – because of course. She posts her shitty “fashwave art” and anti-communist art on there regularly.
Last, but not least, we found Natasha Veronica Devine’s keybase account, where she has one follower: johnnyreb88.

Using a public database, we were able to swiftly discern that keybase user JohnnyReb88 has a Twitter, where he linked his real name, John Randel. Hey John- hope you’re ready!
You can help us get her deplatformed from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Teespring, Paypal, Lulu(where she self publishes books),,
and Amazon.In order to meet the posting requirements of this platform, we cannot post personal information. See here for redacted information.

If you have any tips on her place of employment, feel free to drop us a line at