Alexander Blake Luderman aka “Blake Lucca/Luccason” Fascist from Indiana

This article was written with assistance from an anonymous comrade. It has been redacted, with full information provided in a link at the bottom of the article. 

Alexander Blake Luderman who goes by the aliases “Blake Lucca” or “Blake Luccason” or “Alex Luda” and various other variations is a white supremacist last known to be residing in Woodburn, Indiana. Alex is seen in Unicorn Riot’s discord leaks of the “Charlottesville 2.0” server, which was used to coordinate local set up for attendees to meet in Charlottesville for the infamous Unite the Right Rally. Alex makes a presence in discord under the username “b-luccason”. You may read all his messages here.

Alexander Luderman wearing a blue David Duke hat. David Duke is the former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan

Alex attended Unite the Right in Charlottesville. He went with the American Guard, a white supremacist group that contains former Klansmen, racist skinheads, and several neo-Nazis.

Alex also has links to Anti-Antifa groups, as he did research for them tracking antifascists in order to try to unmask those who countered the Nazis in Charlottesville.

Alex also has written for Identity Dixie, a Neo-Confederate white supremacist website that split off from The Right Stuff after a mass doxxing scandal.

Finally, Alex has ties to Blood & Honour, a white supremacist music promotion group, which is involved with Combat 18, a neo-Nazi terrorist network. Both Blood & Honour and Combat 18’s members were just permanently banned from traveling to Canada. Alex’s gym buddy, Michael “Mikey” Marcink, is a member of Blood & Honour. Michael is also close with Matthew Heimbach, former leader of the neo-Nazi group the Traditionalist Workers Party.

Matthew Heimbach on the left, next to Michael “Mikey” Marcink in the middle.

Alex has hosted a long-standing podcast on Radio Wehrwolf’s “Wolfman’s Activism & Entertainment” where he operated under the pseudonym Wolfman. On the show, he hosted Jason Kessler to talk about the deadly Unite the Right Rally where antifascist Heather Heyer was murdered. James Alex Fields Jr. was recently sentenced by federal authorities to multiple life sentences for this murder. The podcast was hosted briefly under Mike Enoch Peinovich’s TRS (The Right Stuff), which started around 07/28/2017, and cut out around 08/09/2017, a couple days after the rally ended.  Alex has hosted many notorious white supremacists on his show, including:

  • Vincent James Foxx who founded the Red Elephants
  • Neo-Nazi Patrick Little who ran for office, and lost, in 2018 California mid-terms
  • Norman Spear who leads and recruits for “The Base”, a group of paramilitary neo-Nazis hoping to balkanize the United States and divide it up into a series of white ethnostates.Online, Alex has used several pseudonyms and operates several social media profiles to spread his hatred. Here are a few of his countless Twitter accounts:

    His newest Twitter account has recently become active again, and it seems that he is trying to relaunch the failed Radio Wehrwolf.From his profile’s linked YouTube account, we were able to find this video where he links to a streamlabs account with the username “alexanderfaithinone”. This is where he leaves us his real first name, Alexander.When we searched for “Alexander”, “Blake”, “Luca” with several permutations we were able to find his Instagram account.
    The same search also turned up a Facebook account (archive) belonging to a “Alex Luda” and the username in the URL is “alex.luderman”. Searching through his Facebook friends, we also find his family members with the same last name Luderman, which confirms the identification. He also lists Woodlan Junior – Senior High School in Woodburn, Indiana as his education history, which pinpoints him to Woodburn, Indiana near Fort Wayne. Using a public search engine, we were able to confirm his residence in Woodburn, Indiana.

    Alex is wearing a “Commie Killer” shirt, and he is spotted with a Confederate Flag in one of his FB account photos, confirming that Alexander Luderman is “Blake Lucca”.

    Alex was indicted on a fourth degree felony charge for arson, but only a few months later his case was dismissed without prejudice. We’re not sure how such an obviously violent individual got off so abruptly. We won’t make any assumptions, but how many people do you know who could make fourth degree felonies disappear? Just saying.

    Redacted info can be found here:

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