Steven Scheele, Northern Illinois University Student and Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement Member.

Discord user “Gaius Mucius Scaevola” (click here to read all of his posts), who appears on Identity Evropa’s Nice Respectable People Server that was leaked in March by Unicorn Riot, has been identified as none other than Steven Scheele of DeKalb, Illinois.

Steven, photographed in red here flashing a white supremacist hand symbol at his own mother’s wedding.

Identity Evropa, a Neo-Nazi organization, is most infamous for its involvement in the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, where antifascist Heather Heyer was killed by James Alex Fields Jr. Identity Evropa’s former leader, Nathan Damigo, is infamous for assaulting both a femme antifascist protester as well as an Arab cab driver in an armed robbery, where he pulled a loaded gun in the face of an innocent man for “looking Iraqi“. They also have within their former membership an attempted Amtrak hijacker Taylor Wilson, and the fascist Nolan Brewer that tried setting a synagogue in Carmel, Indiana on fire. After the Unicorn Riot leaks dropped in March, Identity Evropa scrambled to re-brand as the American Identity Movement.

Let’s dig right into Steven Scheele’s posts as “Gaius”, explain his strategy, and then explain how we unmasked him. First, we see a racist meme that Steven posts that calls people of color “shitskins” and that describes the futility of the white supremacist conspiracy theory of the “Great Replacement”

Then, we see that he put up fliers on NIU’s campus in October of 2017. He discusses at length about how the general media covering his “work” with a flurry of articles gave him an advantage when it came to media coverage. Specifically, it gave Steven Scheele and Identity Evropa the attention they desperately needed in order to spin the message and insert their own white supremacist rhetoric into the mainstream. We’ve seen this time and time again. This is why we, as antifascists, give no platform for fascists to spew their bullshit, in the media or otherwise.

All of Steven Scheele’s posts can be found at


Steven Scheele refers to his work of putting up posters at NIU as “siege packets,” which is a reference to Neo-Nazi James Mason‘s white supremacist terrorist manual Siege. Considering the connections outlined previously between Identity Evropa and Unite the Right, an attempted Amtrak hijacking, an attempted arson, and racially motivated attacks by their leadership against Muslims and people of color, we take putting up white supremacist propaganda up as one part of a longer strategy towards radicalization towards more hardcore white supremacist views and inevitably – violence. He also discusses how NIU addressing the flyers as a safety concern motivated him with the attention he needed to commit to putting up more flyers. He put up more flyers at NIU in March of 2018. He was excited that his second time putting up flyers put him on the front page news.

Later, Steven Scheele quotes another white supremacist Jack Donovan, whom the Southern Poverty Law Center has covered fairly well in this article on the male supremacist movement. Steven acknowledged his agreement with the idea that “Moral universalism is a philosophy for men who have surrendered. They have surrendered their land, their history, their women, their dignity and their identity. They’ve become impotent half-men who deserve to be victims and slaves.” He later goes on to admit that he is curious about researching the past White Nationalist movements in the United States, and he solicits recommendations.

Steven Scheele also talks about meeting Art Jones, a holocaust denying white nationalist congressional candidate who ran for Illinois’ 3rd congressional district, at a barbecue. He calls him a great guy. Art lost the race, but still gained 26% of the vote. Who would call a Nazi a great guy besides maybe…a Nazi?

If it isn’t already clear we have a white supremacist on our hands, here is Steven Scheele discussing about how he is often confused with a white supremacist blog’s primary editor because of the similarity of their usernames. The fact that he easily knows who the editor of one of the largest white supremacist blogs on the internet is, and that he is sitting in a white supremacist forum posting racist and antisemitic memes, shreds any doubt as to whether or not Steven Scheele is a white supremacist.

Besides his white supremacist activities, he seems to enjoy grooming 18 year old girls from his church service. They apparently talked at length about guns. He also talks about her fertility and how she is “gorgeous and trad“. What a creep.

So how did we catch Steven Scheele? Well, we received an anonymous tip to his identity, and confirmed it with information that Gaius posted as well.

First, Steven Scheele is a member of Young Americans for Liberty, a right wing libertarian student group founded by Congressman Ron Paul with the aim of spreading “freedom of speech”. The long history and complicity of the libertarian movement in fostering fascist ideas is well documented in the “libertarian to fascist pipeline” described hereYou can see that Steven was a member both at Kishwaukee College as well as Northern Illinois University. Do remember that Gaius posted at NIU.

Then, he talks about himself in reference to a white supremacist banner drop that occurred in Oak Park in late February of 2018. He mentions that he was wearing a scarf and sunglasses. Only one dude in that video (posted by CBS Chicago) was wearing a scarf and sunglasses. Observe the similarities of his facial structure masked up to that of his own photo posted on Facebook, as well as an image of him from a family photo posted by his sister, Esther Scheele on Instagram. His Facebook is pretty sparse too, we can only imagine because he is trying to avoid being doxxed after the Identity Evropa leaks. Too late.


The real smoking gun is when Steven Scheele links to a Google Drive video of himself talking about Syria at a TPUSA event. He may remove the link after we’ve published this, but it is too late, as we already have downloaded the video and are publishing it here.

Hey Steven Scheele!

Finally, Gaius posts that he is turning 23 in July of 2018. That would make him 24 in July of 2019. Guess who has a birthday in July, and is 24 in 2019? Steven Scheele of DeKalb, Illinois (archive here). Finally, to match up the side profiles, here (archive) is a photo of Steven from when he was doing Young Americans for Liberty work on the Kishwaukee Campus.

If you have any details about Steven’s place of employment, please send us an email at antifascistchicago [@] riseup [dot] net. To read more about Steven Scheele that cannot be published directly on this blog due to publishing requirements, please click here.

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