Chris B Crooks connecting the dots of Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement in Chicagoland

We’re going to take a pause from naming the dorks from the tiny cell named “Anti-AntiFa Chicago” to out another local fascist, this time with social media connections to the white nationalist hate group (as so designated by the SPLC and the ADL) Identity Evropa now known as American Identity Movement (AmIM). For the blessedly uninformed, these khakis full of rotting meat were the core organizers for Unite the Right in Charlottesville in 2017, where Identity Evropa and other white nationalist groups marched with torches through the university campus. The next day, a rally attendee drove his freaking car through a crowd of protesters, killing one and injuring dozens. In addition to Heather Heyer’s death and the wounding of dozens more, white supremacists attacked antifascist protesters, beating them in the streets.

That is who Identity Evropa is, no matter how they change their name or change the ways they appear in public to appear less threatening. Their leader bears the mantle of those who came before him, and his obsession with optics and appearances will never mute the fact that these violent Neo-Nazis want an ethnostate for whites only, and casually engage in homophobia, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, xenophobia and misogyny.

So why would anyone be interested in this pack of chuds? Good question. Feel free to ask Chris B Crooks, of Orland Park, IL. His contact info will be on the following page and if you see this face out and about, do ask him:


With the help of the Identity Evropa/AmIm-outing machine Panic! in the Discord, we started poking around on the social media accounts of Identity Evropa members close to Peter Diezel, scoping their followers for patterns. And then we noticed this guy: @Croox1483 who follows both of them and another white supremacist group, Patriot Front. Chris Crooks seemed to have noticed when we started archiving his stuff and then went protected. It was already too late for him, as well as everyone else in Illinois.
Then he changed his handle to @Crooxpunished, thinking we wouldn’t notice and unlocked his account.

@Chidentitarian is a group page for Chicago and Illinois Identity Evropa members- ID Activist is also an Identity Evropa member.
@KYKrieger is another member of Identity Evropa.
Notice that he is following the American Identity Movement, the rebrand of Identity Evropa which consists of all of the same people.

Chris Crooks refers to various white nationalist and white supremacist tropes and beliefs, such as harming protesters, disrespecting journalists, and that neo-Nazi podcast discussed below. You can read all of his archived tweets at @Croox1483 and but here are some highlights:

From a little internet digging, we were able to put the pieces together. Christopher B. Crooks has a long history of posting on internet forums, you can check it out: We searched his username and came up with some pretty cringe-worthy stuff, like this:

Anime forum? Check

Most notably, the ages line up. This user was born on January 4, 1983 (which is part of how Chris Crooks gets the 1483 in his handles) and then links to his Myspace which is the same username as the twitter handle @Crooks1483. Interestingly enough about the numbers “1483,” is that they’re deeply connected to white nationalist subculture:


  • Refers to the “14 words”, the most popular white supremacist slogan in the world: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” It was coined by David Lane, a member of the white supremacist group The Order. So widely used that it’s not uncommon for white supremacists to slip it into everything they possibly can. Often seen in conjunction with 88 to make 1488, 8814, 14/88, etc.



  • Represent ‘Hail Christ’. 8=H, 3=C. Used exclusively by white supremacists despite the ambiguous religious tone. Sometimes paired with 14 to make 1483, 14/83, 8314, etc,” taken from Scum Spotting Guide Tumblr.

We followed the Myspace trail and concretely connected to “Chris Crooks” of Orland Park to the Croox1483/CrooxPunished online identity with one definitive screenshot from


Confirmed: Croox1483 aka CrooxPunished is Chris Crooks of Orland Park, IL

Then we pop over to Chris Crooks’s Facebook, nicely archived here: and find the usual white supremacist dog whistles like Pepe memes, a cartoon Trump saying he’s a nationalist and cartoon angry mobs.

Also thanks to comrades, we collected several pics from there:

While we are not ones to kink-shame, we wonder what the white nationalists at Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement and the others with their very traditional values about gender roles and opinions on gayness would think about Chris Crooks’ fashion choices?

Since Chris Crooks posted pics of his Jeep online, we were able to confirm his address, spotted with the same Jeep outside of his house.

Photo CrooxPunished aka Croox1483 aka Chris B Crooks posted of his blue jeep in front of Mia Rose Salon, which is in Orland Park, IL.
Same blue jeep spotted at Chris’ house in Orland Park, IL.

More details about Chris here.

Again, many thanks to Panic! In the Discord for the point in the right direction and the online community who contributed info to this dossier.

If you have any details about Chris’ place of employment, please send us an email at antifascistchicago [@]  riseup [dot] net