Hello to everyone, except the fascists. We’ll be saying hello to you all individually soon enough

Pardon our manners. We neglected to introduce ourselves and explain what we’re doing here.

It has come to our attention that a tiny splinter group called “AntiAntiFa Chicago” has come in to existence. Being anti-antifascist, by the consequence of double negatives in the English language, means you are fascist. In addition to poor grammar and promoting fascism, this pack of glue-eaters made the mistake of targeting ordinary people who they believe are responsible for militant anti-fascism in Chicago.

As it stands from their actions, it looks like the anti-antifa chuds found an old group photo from a protest in 2014, has attempted to find the names and outdated personal data of those people, and stick them on a blogspot in an attempt at intimidation.

The pics make us smile though, it’s like a time capsule from happier times.

On one hand, it looks like folks *actually* doing the stickering, flyering, social media-ing, blogging, protesting, and outing of local fascist trash have such solid Opsec that they’re airtight and unable to be found. On the other hand, if a comrade, even a far removed one, is named as doing the heroic work of mopping up Nazi garbage then they ought to at least be the ones doing it. There are¬†associated risks with fascists knowing names, which is why we’re doing our part from across the country to step up and shut these fart-sniffers down.

We are not quite sure who is trying to shoot whom in this logo. Is the face under the cool Antifaschistische Aktion hat supposed to be the good guy? Or the bad guy? What’s with the guns? Like their doxxes, this is a hot mess.

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With rage and love, chicagoAFA.